FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2 front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2 front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2 front context | Boost Guitar Pedals
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So Addictive!

The Formula B Vintage Vibe Mk2 is a superb homage to the original 'Leslie-in-a-pedal', the Uni-Vibe. It's one of those memorable and highly addictive effects, up there with fuzz in terms of the character it endows songs with. 

Most famously used by Jimi Hendrix during his Woodstock set and live Band Of Gypsys album, as well as by David Gilmour on Pink Floyd tracks such as 'Breathe', and Robin Trower on his Bridge Of Sighs album, the Uni-Vibe is all over late-1960s and early '70s rock.

The Formula B Vintage Vibe Mk2 sounds phenomenal with its fully discrete, analogue signal path. Made with original THT BC549 and 2Sc1815 transistors and quality photoresistors, plus an internal voltage doubler giving 18V of power, this is capable of achieving seriously chewy, organic chorus and vibrato effects with plenty of headroom.

Like the original, the Vintage Vibe Mk2 has a Volume control that allows you to achieve unity gain with the rest of your setup. You can even use it to boost your amp or other pedals - there's plenty of volume gain on tap.

Chorus/Vibrato toggle

With the toggle in the Chorus position you get the full Uni-Vibe experience. With the toggle in the Vibrato position you get out of tune pitch-bend vibrato.

Dual footswitch

The dual-footswitch design allows you to set Speed 1 and Speed 2 and access them on-the-fly. A typical setup would be to use a slower speed for rhythm playing then kick in a faster speed for solos.


  • Analogue chorus/vibrato based on the Uni-Vibe
  • Dual-speed operation with two separate footswitches
  • Old-stock transistors and high quality photoresistors
  • 9V to 18V internal voltage doubler
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)
  • Current draw: 100-150mA


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
John Campbell (Birmingham, GB)
Formula B vintage vibe MkII

Having purchased about a dozen Uni vibe effect pedals over the years, I feel that my search is over.
The Formula B vintage vibe is something special.
Apart from the very authentic sounds it can produce, it just invites you to recreate the legendary tones you have heard from Jimi, Tower, and Gilmour and seems to be an extension of your guitar rather than an addition.
It does inspire you to try and play in a way that incorporates it, hold on to notes or chords and let the vibe work it's magic.
It's hard not to get lost in the throbing swirly sounds it produces.
All this and a second footswitch to access a different pre set speed.

I forgot to mention the significant volume boost that this pedal has, well capable of driving your amp or od type pedals that come after it in the signal chain.
Priced reasonably, considering you won't be searching for your perfect vibe any longer.