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    FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2

    "One of the best priced, best sounding Uni-Vibes out there."- Guitar Pedal X


    About the FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2

    The Formula B Vintage Vibe Mk2 is a superb homage to the original "Leslie-in-a-pedal", the Uni-Vibe. It's one of those memorable and highly addictive effects, up there with fuzz in terms of the character it endows songs with.

    Most famously used by Jimi Hendrix during his Woodstock set and live Band Of Gypsys album, as well as by David Gilmour on Pink Floyd tracks such as "Breathe", and Robin Trower on his Bridge Of Sighs album, the Uni-Vibe is all over late-1960s and early '70s rock.

    "One of the best priced, best sounding Uni-Vibes out there." - Guitar Pedal X

    New additions for 2024 include a small "Bypass" LED above the left footswitch, while the larger "Tempo" LED in the centre now blinks even when the effect is bypassed, to visibly display the speed of the vibrato or chorus effect.

    The enclosure has also been redesigned with a flattering textured matt grey/black finish which now matches the Fuzz Rangers, for those of you who want their pedalboards looking at their best!

    Vintage Vibe Mk2 Components

    The Formula B Vintage Vibe Mk2 sounds phenomenal with its fully discrete, analogue signal path. Made with original THT BC549 and 2Sc1815 transistors and quality photoresistors, plus an internal voltage doubler giving 18V of power from a 9V supply, this is capable of achieving seriously chewy, organic chorus and vibrato effects with plenty of headroom.

    Vintage Vibe Mk2 Controls

    Like the original Uni-Vibe, the Formula B Vintage Vibe Mk2 has a Volume control that allows you to achieve unity gain with the rest of your setup. You can even use it to boost your amp or other pedals - there's plenty of volume gain on tap.

    Chorus/Vibrato toggle

    With the toggle in the Chorus position you get the full Uni-Vibe experience. With the toggle in the Vibrato position you effectively remove the dry signal for a warbly, classic vibrato sound (vibrato differs slightly to tremolo in that it adjusts the pitch of a note rather than the amplitude of the signal).

    Dual footswitch

    The dual-footswitch design allows you to switch Speed setting on-the-fly. A typical setup would be to use a slower Speed 1 setting for rhythm playing then kick in a faster Speed 2 setting for solos or accenting certain passages.

    Vintage Vibe Mk2 Demos





    Vintage Vibe Mk2 Features

    • Analogue chorus/vibrato based on the Uni-Vibe
    • New textured dark matt finish for 2024!
    • Dual-speed operation with two separate footswitches
    • Old-stock transistors and high quality photoresistors
    • 9V to 18V internal voltage doubler
    • Handmade in Todi, Italy
    • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)
    • Current draw: 150mA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Stuart H. (Shoreham-by-Sea, GB)
    Found! The perfect vibe

    I spent months searching for an affordable vibe pedal that actually sounded authentic.

    Not only does this have the very sound that I was after, without a ton of tweaking, but it is priced reasonably too. It is not at the cheap end of the market, but for a hand-built pedal with dual speeds this is unbeatable.

    The sound is spot on. Warm and rich with the throb missing from many of the lower-priced pedals. The second speed makes it easy to switch between chord and solo settings.

    The delivery was amazing too - ordered in Friday afternoon and delivered on Sunday morning!

    I can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone looking for the best univibe around.

    Mark W. (Billingshurst, GB)
    Vintage vibe

    Pleased with the pedal I tried it today good service from boost guitar pedals thank you

    Fabien (Wembley, GB)
    Outstanding Uni-Vibe clone

    I didn’t know that particular manufacturer from Italy, but I definitely recommend their "Vintage Vibe”. It’s simple, intuitive, it looks awesome, the build quality seems impeccable, and most importantly, it sounds fantastic.

    Michael B. (Eppelborn, DE)
    Formula AB Vintage Vibe Mk2

    Thank you. I'm very satisfied !!!

    John G. (Jarrow, GB)
    Formula B vintage vibe mk2

    Excellent pedal , one of the better vibes out there , obviously all about opinions . The service from Boost was excellent from communication to packaging and delivery .