Hi, I'm Jim!

I founded Boost Guitar Pedals in 2019 with the aim of providing musicians with access to high quality guitar pedals that we term "artisan" and "boutique".

You can buy the most popular brands of guitar pedals everywhere, but from our HQ in Windsor, UK, we focus on boutique pedals from small, independent builders. They don't have big PR budgets, just a desire to bring us guitarists awesome tone and innovative effects pedals.

Why Boutique Pedals?

I am also a guitarist, although mediocre at best. In my experience as a guitar player of 25+ years, it's the sum of the parts that counts when it comes to feel and tone. These pedals won't make you or I better players, but they will enable us to play to the very best of our abilities. The right pedals can also help develop songwriting ideas and aid diversity during recording sessions, which is an element that shouldn't be underestimated.

So yes, boutique pedals are all about the sum of the parts. When every piece of the puzzle is absolutely on-point, the results can be outstanding. I hope you find something at Boost Guitar Pedals that will help you in your guitar journey and amaze you as much as they've amazed me!

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