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FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers Context Left | Boost Guitar Pedals

FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers


Legendary Boost & Fuzz In One Pedal!

The Formula B Fuzz Rangers takes two iconic circuits and encloses them in a beautifully finished chassis, with vintage-style controls. With the option to run the Fuzz or Boost independently, it's an incredibly flexible pedal for your pedalboard, but where it gets interesting is that there's a toggle to set the direction of the signal. You can choose whether to run the Boost into the Fuzz, or vice-versa. The results differ dramatically...


The Fuzz circuit is based on the silicon Fuzz Face, using a pair of NOS military-spec BC108 transistors and carbon-layer resistors. It sounds great on its own, and reacts really nicely to your guitar's volume pot - as Fuzz Faces do. Running the Fuzz into the Boost gets you a clearer tone with plenty of gain to push your amp, showcasing all that lovely Fuzz Face breakup.


The Boost circuit is based on the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, with silicon BC549 transistors to reduce compatibility problems (polarity, power etc) with the Fuzz circuit. Uniquely, there's a toggle switch to shift the Boost emphasis between Low, Mid and High frequencies, making it more flexible than a traditional Rangemaster. Running the Boost into the Fuzz saturates the input of the Fuzz Face and gets you a rich, warm, super-fuzzy character which responds well to how you set the EQ toggle.

More than simply for fans of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, this pedal will serve you well with its vintage vibe and tonal flexibility.


  • Dual-channel pedal with independent Fuzz and Boost circuits.
  • NOS BC108 transistors and carbon-layer resistors on the Fuzz side.
  • Silicon-based Rangemaster circuit on the Boost side for greater compatibility with the Fuzz.
  • Effects Order toggle switch enables you to run the Fuzz into the Boost, or the Boost into the Fuzz when both channels are activated.
  • EQ toggle allows you to emphasise Low, Mid or High frequencies on the Boost side.
  • Handmade in Todi, Italy
  • Fuzz, Level, Boost, EQ toggle & Effects Order toggle controls
  • Power: 9V power supply, centre-negative (not included)
  • Current draw: 10mA
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RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+ Transparent front | Boost Guitar Pedals
RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+ Transparent front | Boost Guitar Pedals
RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+ context right | Boost Guitar Pedals
RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+ context left | Boost Guitar Pedals
RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+ front context | Boost Guitar Pedals

RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+


Incredible Value for a Dual Channel Drive!

The Raygun FX Dual Soda Drive+ is a super-flexible drive pedal which ranges from boost to dense distortion. It combines two Soda Drive+ circuits in a single pedal, with the option to run each channel independently or stack them for more tonal variation.

Both channels have a 3-way toggle switch, allowing you to select from Dirty, Boost (less gain, more volume) or Fuzz (a germanium diode) modes.

Founder of Raygun FX, Steve has even added slightly different germanium diodes to each channel to give subtle variations in the Fuzz mode. 


Handwired in Southend-On-Sea in the UK, it's easy to see why this is one of our most popular pedals: the Dual Soda Drive+ is a serious bit of kit at a great price!


  • Dual-channel overdrive/distortion pedal
  • 3-way toggle for each channel: Boost, Drive & Fuzz
  • Non-identical germanium diodes give each channel a slightly different character in Fuzz mode
  • Volume, Tone, Drive & Toggle controls x2
  • True bypass
  • Handwired in the UK
  • Power:9V DC, 100mA centre-negative (not included);
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GREENHOUSE EFFECTS Deity Reverb Front Transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
GREENHOUSE EFFECTS Deity Reverb Front Transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
GREENHOUSE EFFECTS Deity Reverb Left | Boost Guitar Pedals
GREENHOUSE EFFECTS Deity Reverb Front Context | Boost Guitar Pedals



Multi-Mode Reverb...

The Greenhouse Effects Deity reverb is an ambient effect pedal like no other. Choose from either true bypass or buffered signal with trails, as well as 3 different reverb modes (Natural, Sentient & Ethereal).

The Natural mode is a room/hall-type reverb with controls for Decay, Tone, Pre Delay & Mix. Turn the Decay control fully clockwise and the reverb begins to oscillate to create a rotating room effect. This can be adjusted using the Tone control.

Sentient mode is an immersive reverb with dynamic modulation, combining tremolo and filter effects which can be adjusted using the Depth/LFO & Sensitivity/Rate controls.

Ethereal mode is a lush reverb with high and low octaves which can be blended in independently using the Octave Down & Octave Up controls.


  • Decay, Tone/Depth/Octave Down, Pre Delay/Sensitivity/Octave Up, Mix & Mode controls.
  • Select between true bypass or buffered with trails modes
  • Multi-talented reverb with three modes
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)




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ZANDER CIRCUITRY Siclone Silicon Chaos Initiator front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
ZANDER CIRCUITRY Siclone Silicon Chaos Initiator front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
ZANDER CIRCUITRY Siclone Silicon Chaos Initiator top transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals

ZANDER CIRCUITRY SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator


Sonic Annihilation...

From it’s humble beginnings as a modified Fuzz Factory' circuit to its latest iteration, Zander Circuitry's first pedal model has come a long way.

These days the SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator is a super-versatile 8-knob fuzz monstrosity, capable of taking you from vintage-style fuzz tones right through to complete sonic annihilation!

There is plenty of scope to push your imagination with this pedal - use the Shunt control to tame feedback and create stuttering gated effects. Squash compresses the attack, creating a synth-like character at higher settings. Starve restricts the voltage to the circuit, creating beautiful dying-battery sounds. Bright allows you to dial in just the right amount of high frequency, while Body enables you to emphasise or cut the low end. Punch controls the mid-range frequencies.

The Tone footswitch allows you to bypass the Bright and Punch settings to give a fat, mid-rich sound with a volume boost, although the output can be reduced by means of an internal trim pot if required.

What's new?

This latest version of the Zander Circuitry SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator features a more compact footprint with beautiful knurled steel controls. The circuit is revoiced and the transistors used in this latest version are completely different.

The footswitches support both momentary and latching switching, meaning that you can temporarily engage a channel by holding your foot down on either one of the switches. You can also now engage the second footswitch from bypass, without having to activate the pedal first.


  • Updated version of SiClone Chaos Initiator for 2021
  • Super-versatile fuzz pedal
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Shunt, Squash, Starve, Bright, Level, Body, Punch, Fuzz & Tone controls
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included).
  • Current draw: 120mA
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Boost & Overdrive Pedals

Boost and overdrive pedals were originally designed to push tube amps of the day into full-blown saturation, that just cranking the amps to full volume couldn't achieve - this was before high-gain amps existed and many amps were only capable of achieving crunch tones without help from boost or overdrive pedals.

There are many different 'flavours' of boost and overdrive these days: the more subtle designs add a touch of hair or grit, ideal for bluesy breakup, while others have more punch for a heavier or more harmonically rich sound. Some, such as the famed Klon Centaur, are renowned for their transparency, while others such as the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster deliberately boost particular frequencies.

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Distortion Pedals

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Distortion pedals span a huge range of sounds, from classic rock tones through to modern metal, plus everything in between.

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Fuzz Pedals

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From the first few pedals, including the Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone and the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face, a multitude of fuzz pedals now exists - some are accurate replicas of these illustrious forebears while others are completely new designs. 

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Reverb Pedals

Reverb pedals mimic the effect of playing in a particular space - big, small, hard walls, soft get the idea. Reverb provides natural sounding spatial ambience for your guitar and is one of the oldest effects. These days, reverb isn't just reverb - you can have modulating decay, LFO and all sorts of crazy but awesome sounds.
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Exclusive Pedals

Our exclusive range includes artisan pedals from the US, Italy and the UK. You won't find these anywhere else in the UK, so if you're looking for something truly unique, check them out now. Including pedals from Stompnorth, Red Noise, Tate FX and Formula B...
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Latest Arrivals

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Every guitarist needs accessories - whether it's patch cables for the pedalboard or a guitar cable. You can even find books on the subject here!
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