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    Multi-wave optical vibe shifter


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    The Bleak District Miraj V2 takes the all-analogue four-stage optical recipe of the original and refines it in every way possible.

    Offering the best of Phase 90 and Univibe sounds without breaking a sweat - along with much, much more - the Miraj V2 is the key to unlock a wealth of different textures and sounds that will suit many different genres, from Heavy Blues to Classic Rock, Shoegaze to Metal.

    And this isn't just a digital modeller - this is the real deal, coupling an all-analogue signal path based around the optical mechanisms of the Univibe, with digital controls which bring extra benefits including tap tempo and a multi-waveform LFO.

    Miraj V2 Controls

    Env Adjusts the intensity and direction of the envelope follower. 

    Env toggle Select which parameter is controlled by the envelope: Depth (Up), Off (Middle) or Rate (Down).

    Rate Adjusts the speed of the LFO, from languorously plodding to immediate and cutting modulation. Use the "EXP" TRS input to adjust the Rate on-the-fly using an expression pedal for a more intuitive experience.

    You can also set the Rate using the Tap footswitch, giving you the ability to quickly and easily match the tempo of a song.

    Depth Adjusts the depth (intensity) of the phase shifting.

    Regen Sets the amount of signal fed back into itself, giving more intense modulation with a wah-like character, developing into self-oscillation at higher settings.

    Waveshape Select from 8 waveforms for the LFO, giving completely different patterns to your modulation.

    Manual toggle Toggle between LFO (Up) or Manual (Down) phase shifting modes

    Vib toggle Engage the vibrato mode when the switch is down, which works by removing the dry signal.

    Throb toggle Toggle between Phase 90 (Up) or Univibe (down) modes. Of course, the "throb" refers to the pulsing, chewy sound of the Univibe, while the Phase 90 offers more of a 3D shimmery swirl. Think 1960s vs 1970s!

    Expression/CV toggle The toggle at the top in the middle selects the parameter for the expression pedal (not included). Toggle between Depth (Right), Nothing (Centre) or Rate (Left). To maximise the expression pedal's sweep, turn the relevant parameter control anti-clockwise.

    The Miraj V2 has two footswitches: one to activate the pedal, and a Tap footswitch to manually 'tap in' your Rate.

    There are also two internal trimpots: a Master Volume trimmer in the top right corner of the PCB, and a Voltage trimmer which affects the envelope follower and shouldn't be adjusted.

    Miraj V2 Demos


    Miraj Features

    • Analogue modulation pedal with "Univibe", "Phase 90" and "Tremolo" Modes
    • Handmade in the UK
    • 8 different waveshapes
    • Expression pedal input
    • Tap tempo footswitch
    • Internal Master Volume trimpot
    • True Bypass
    • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (not included)
    • Current draw: 20mA

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