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36-in-1 Rat!

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The Drunk Beaver Bat V2 is a mutant Rat circuit, using NOS LM308 and OP07 op-amps as well as 6 different clipping modes to give 36 different iterations of the Rat circuit, enabling you to dial in your perfect sound!

Stefan Karlsson of the Guitar Pedal X blog calls Drunk Beaver founder Vitalii Bobrov 'the master of Rat Distortion', and it's easy to see why - Vitalii has crammed so much into a small chassis and it sounds phenomenal. And he hasn't stopped at just one Rat-based pedal: check out his Bat Cold War V2 for a slightly different take on the theme.

Bat V2 Clipping Modes

The Bat V2 has 6 clipping modes:

  • "Boost" - A very loud signal with tube-like response and break up
  • "Soft MOSFET" - BS170 MOSFETs give a crunchy character
  • "Soft Ge" - NOS AAP153 germanium diodes; great for bass
  • "Hard Si" - 1N914 silicon diodes as used in the classic Rat
  • "Hard LED" - Red LEDs as used in the Turbo Rat
  • "Hard Ge" - NOS Soviet D9 germanium diodes, similar to those used in You Dirty Rat

Bat V2 Op-amp Modes

The Bat V2 is loaded with 2 both NOS LM308 and OP07 op-amps. You can switch between them to dial in the voicing you're after.

  • "Vintage" - a NOS LM308 as found in the original Rat
  • "Modern" - the OP07 chip which was used in USA-made Rats in the early 2000s, before manufacture moved to China.

Bat V2 Controls

As well as the Clipping and Op-amp modes mentioned above, the Bat V2 introduces a three-way Fat switch to toggle between Fat, Stock and Low bass response. This is a new addition for the V2.

The Distortion, Filter and Volume controls work in the same way as a traditional Rat.

Bat V2 Demo


Bat V2 Features

  • 36-in-1 Rat-type pedal with sought after LM308 op-amp as used in the classic Rat
  • Handmade in Poland
  • Distortion, Filter, Volume, Mode, Op-Amp & Fat controls
  • Internal LED Brightness adjustment
  • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)

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