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    DRUNK BEAVER Bat Cold War V2

    36-in-1 Rat With NOS Soviet Components Plus Sought After LM308


    About the DRUNK BEAVER Bat Cold War V2

    The Drunk Beaver Bat Cold War V2 is a mutant Rat circuit, using NOS US-made LM308 and NOS Soviet UD1408B op-amps as well as 6 different clipping modes to give 36 different iterations, enabling you to dial in your perfect Rat sound!

    Stefan Karlsson of the Guitar Pedal X blog calls Drunk Beaver founder Vitalii Bobrov 'the master of Rat Distortion', and it's easy to see why - Vitalii has crammed so much into a small chassis and it sounds phenomenal. And he hasn't stopped at just one Rat-based pedal: check out his Bat V2 for another take on the theme.

    Bat Cold War V2 Clipping Modes

    The Bat V2 has 6 clipping modes:

    Boost A very loud signal with tube-like response and break up

    Soft MOSFET BS170 MOSFETs give a crunchy character

    Soft Ge NOS AAP153 germanium diodes; great for bass

    Hard Si 1N914 silicon diodes as used in the classic Rat

    Hard LED Red LEDs as used in the Turbo Rat

    Hard Ge NOS Soviet D9 germanium diodes, similar to those used in You Dirty Rat

    Bat Cold War V2 Op-amp Modes

    The Bat Cold War V2 is loaded with 2 both NOS LM308 and OP07 op-amps. You can switch between them to dial in the voicing you're after.

    West A NOS LM308 as found in the original Rat

    East A Soviet UD1408B chip, a reverse-engineered LM308 clone with a slightly rawer and buzzier character compared to the US-made LM308.

    Bat Cold War V2 Controls

    As well as the Clipping and Op-amp modes mentioned above, the Bat Cold War V2 introduces a three-way Fat switch to toggle between Fat, Stock and Low bass response. This is a new addition for the V2.

    The Distortion, Filter and Volume controls work in the same way as a traditional Rat.

    Bat Cold War V2 Demo


    Bat Cold War V2 Features

    • 36-in-1 Rat-type pedal with NOS Soviet components plus sought after LM308 op-amp from original Rat
    • Handmade in Poland
    • Distortion, Filter, Volume, Mode, Op-Amp & Fat controls
    • Internal LED Brightness adjustment
    • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)

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    very cool pedal