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    ZANDER CIRCUITRY Sono Bass Fuzz & Preamp

    Dual-Channel Fuzz & Preamp For Bass

    £118.99 £148.99

    About the ZANDER CIRCUITRY Sono Bass Fuzz & Preamp

    The Zander Circuitry Sono is one for all you bassists out there: a bass fuzz and preamp in a single small package. 

    Sono Bass Preamp

    The preamp side of the pedal takes you from clean to medium-gain, and importantly the Blend control allows you to add back in some of your original signal for clarity and spank. 

    Sono Bass Fuzz

    Add fuzz to a good core bass tone and you have the recipe for some awesome sounds. Use the fuzz side of the Sono to dial in a tone that suits, and use the Blend control to add back in some of your original signal to ensure nothing gets lost in action. The Rip control enables you to dial in compression and some of that delicious gated/ velcro mayhem. Seriously, let it rip!

    As the preamp and fuzz sides are completely independent, you can also stack them together for even more flexibility.

    What's new?

    This latest version of the Zander Circuitry Sono Bass Fuzz & Preamp features a more compact footprint, with bespoke knurled steel controls. The Blend controls have been updated to work better, the fuzz tone has been tweaked, and the preamp side now offers a wider gain range.

    The footswitches support both momentary and latching switching, meaning that you can temporarily engage a channel by holding your foot down on either one of the switches. You can also now engage the second footswitch from bypass, without having to activate the pedal first.

    Sono Bass Fuzz & Preamp Demo


      Sono Bass Fuzz & Preamp Features

      • Updated version of Sono Bass Fuzz & Preamp for 2021
      • Super-versatile fuzz and preamp pedal specifically tuned for bass guitar
      • Top-mounted jacks
      • P Lvl, P Gain, P Blend, F Lvl, F Gain, F Blend, F Tone & F Rip controls
      • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included).
      • Current draw: 135mA

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