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    ZANDER CIRCUITRY SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator

    Complete Sonic Annihilation!


    About the ZANDER CIRCUITRY SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator

    From it’s humble beginnings as a modified Fuzz Factory circuit to its latest iteration, Zander Circuitry's first pedal model has come a long way.

    These days the SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator is a super-versatile 8-knob fuzz monstrosity, capable of taking you from vintage-style fuzz tones right through to complete sonic annihilation!

    SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator Controls

    There is plenty of scope to push your imagination with this pedal - use the Shunt control to tame feedback and create stuttering gated effects. Squash compresses the attack, creating a synth-like character at higher settings. Starve restricts the voltage to the circuit, creating beautiful dying-battery sounds. Bright allows you to dial in just the right amount of high frequency, while Body enables you to emphasise or cut the low end. Punch controls the mid-range frequencies.

    The Tone footswitch allows you to bypass the Bright and Punch settings to give a fat, mid-rich sound with a volume boost, although the output can be reduced by means of an internal trim pot if required.

    What's new?

    This latest version of the Zander Circuitry SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator features a more compact footprint with beautiful knurled steel controls. The circuit is revoiced and the transistors used in this latest version are completely different.

    The footswitches support both momentary and latching switching, meaning that you can temporarily engage a channel by holding your foot down on either one of the switches. You can also now engage the second footswitch from bypass, without having to activate the pedal first.

    SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator Demo

    SiClone Silicon Chaos Initiator Features

    • Updated version of SiClone Chaos Initiator for 2021
    • Super-versatile fuzz pedal
    • Top-mounted jacks
    • Shunt, Squash, Starve, Bright, Level, Body, Punch, Fuzz & Tone controls
    • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included).
    • Current draw: 120mA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jamie Jones (Cardiff, GB)
    The most versatile Silicone fuzz pedal

    Highly recommend pedal that lets you tweak every aspect of the circuit. What sets this pedal apart for me is the tone knob which allows you to roll off the high end and get a usable tone with cleaner style amps (something I have not been able to find in another Silicone fuzz). It has a lot of options and definitely takes time to dial in but this means you can achieve anything from a classic Fuzz Face style tone to Fuzz Factory and more. Really no need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a Silicone fuzz.

    David Oates (Totteridge, GB)
    Zander Siclone Pedal

    My new favourite pedal. All of my other fuzz pedals are going up for sale. Oh, and excellent service from Boost Guitar Pedals also.