ZANDER CIRCUITRY Cranium Murine Distortion


Zander Circuitry's Cranium Murine Distortion is an all-in-one version of the famous RAT circuit, pulling together the best bits from various mods and generational iterations and introducing enhancements such as Zander Circuitry's signature diode selector.

Key to the Cranium's flexible approach to the RAT circuit is the interplay between Freq and Tone controls, enabling precise dialling in of your sound. The Body control takes this even further, affecting how much bass is produced for a deeper or more sculpted tone.

The Blast control allows you to set the gain level for the second footswitch for a volume/gain boost when kicked in.

What's new?

This latest version of the Zander Circuitry Cranium Murine Distortion features a more compact footprint, beautiful knurled steel controls, and an upgrade from six to eight options on the signature clipping selector:

  • Germanium: A smooth, sweet sounding form of clipping, very ‘amp-like’ in its response.
  • Silicon: Louder, brighter and more aggressive sounding.
  • LED: Even louder, less saturated but very punchy.
  • Asymmetrical germanium: A more aggressive germanium sound.
  • Asymmetrical silicon: Beefing up the aggression of the silicon sound.
  • Asymmetrical LED: A more aggressive version of the LED sound.
  • MOSFET: Similar to the silicon setting but a bit sweeter, crunchier and a touch more saturated.
  • No  diodes: Loads of output but not much gain.

The footswitches support both momentary and latching switching, meaning that you can temporarily engage a channel by holding your foot down on either one of the switches. You can also now engage the second footswitch from bypass, without having to activate the pedal first.


  • Updated version of Cranium Dual Gain Distortion for 2021
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Level, Gain, Tone, Freq, Body, Level, Blast & Diode Selector Controls
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included).
  • Current draw: 120mA

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