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ZANDER CIRCUITRY Cafetiere Distortofuzz

21st Century Take On The Harmonic Percolator

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The Zander Circuitry Cafetiere Distortofuzz is an updated take on the Interfax Harmonic Percolator - a unique distortion/fuzz that gets seriously spitty but also offers a great range of more classic rock sounds too.

There is tons of gain on tap, as well as some great 21st century mod-cons including Zander Circuitry's signature diode selector.

Cafetiere Distortofuzz Controls

  • Gain: Adjusts the gain level.
  • Tone: A low-pass filter. Tames the high end.
  • Starve: Circuit voltage reduction, for dialling in your preferred sound, whether that's seriously choked and gated, or round and saturated. 
  • Input: Adjusts input capacitance, which affects the low end and overall gain response.
  • Level: Output volume.
  • Blast: Controls the volume when the Blast footswitch is activated.

The Blast footswitch maxes out the gain and uses the independent volume level set by the Blast control. Perfect for solo sections or just getting heavy!

What's New?

This latest version of the Zander Circuitry Cafetiere Distortofuzz features a more compact footprint, knurled steel controls, and eight rather than six clipping options:

  • Germanium: A smooth, sweet sounding form of clipping, very ‘amp-like’ in its response.
  • Silicon: Louder, brighter and more aggressive sounding.
  • LED: Even louder, less saturated but very punchy.
  • Asymmetrical germanium: A more aggressive germanium sound.
  • Asymmetrical silicon: Beefing up the aggression of the silicon sound.
  • Asymmetrical LED: A more aggressive version of the LED sound.
  • MOSFET: Similar to the silicon setting but a bit sweeter, crunchier and a touch more saturated.
  • No diodes: Loads of output but not much gain.

The Cafetiere's footswitches support both momentary and latching switching, meaning that you can temporarily engage a channel by holding your foot down on either one of the switches. You can also now engage the second footswitch from bypass, without having to activate the pedal first.

Cafetiere Distortofuzz Demos


Cafetiere Distortofuzz Features

  • Modern take on the Harmonic Percolator
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Dual-footswitch design
  • Handmade in Essex, UK
  • Gain, Tone, Starve, Input, Blast, Level, Diode Selector Controls
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included).
  • Current draw: 126mA

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