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    Multi-Function Delay


    About the WALRUS AUDIO ARP-87

    The Walrus Audio ARP-87 is a feature-rich delay pedal with 4 modes: Digital, Analog, Lo-fi, and Slap. 

    ARP-87 Modes


    The Digital mode provides pristine, crystal-clear repeats which are perfect for those classic 1980s and '90s delay sounds.


    The Analog mode brings warmth and depth to both chords and lead lines.


    The Lo-Fi mode features an adjustable frequency range on the repeats, ranging from warm to warped and murky, and AM-radio.


    The Slap mode allows you to dial in a great slapback echo, perfect for country and early rock 'n' roll.

    The ARP-87 includes other features including smart bypass switching and momentary knob ramp.

    ARP-87 Controls

    Level adjusts the level of the repeats. Turn it clockwise to increase the volume of the echoes.

    Dampen controls the overall tone on the repeats. It is a low-pass filter, so turning this knob clockwise will open the filter and brighten the repeats. Counter-clockwise will close the filter and darken the repeats.

    Repeats adjusts the number of repeats that are heard. Go from one repeat at full counter-clockwise, to near-infinite at full clockwise.

    Ratio sets the tempo multiplier for the tap-tempo modes (Digital, Analog, Lo-Fi), and it adjusts the delay time for the Slap mode.

    The X Control

    The X control changes functions depending on which mode you are in: in Digital, Analog, and Slap modes, the knob will control modulation depth.

    In Lo-fi mode, the knob will control Filter width.

    Note that when changing delay types this loads a whole new algorithm and the tempo must be tapped in again. Max delay time is 1,000ms.

    Trails Mode

    The ARP-87 can be run in trails or no trails mode. In Trails mode, turning the pedal off lets the delay trails die off naturally. In No Trails mode, the delay trails are cut off as soon as you turn the pedal off.

    To toggle between either Trails mode, hold down the bypass switch for 1 second while applying power to the pedal. Unplug power and repeat to toggle to the other mode.

    Momentary Functions

    When the pedal is powered but turned off, press and hold the Bypass footswitch to temporarily activate the Momentary effect for a moment of delay texture. Releasing the switch turns the effect off.

    When the pedal is on, press and hold the Bypass footswitch to momentarily ramp the X parameter to maximum. Releasing the footswitch sets the X parameter back to the knob location.

    Press and hold the Tap footswitch to temporarily ramp the feedback to maximum. Release to set the feedback back to the knob location.

    ARP-87 Demos




    ARP-87 Features

    • Multi-function delay pedal with tap-tempoChris Castro 
    • 1,000ms max delay time
    • Four delay modes: Digital, Analog, Lo-Fi, Slap
    • Level, Dampen, Repeats, Ratio, X, Program controls
    • Momentary delay function
    • Controllable modulation effect
    • Sub-divisions for Tap-Tempo: Quarter, dotted 8th notes, 8th notes, 8th note triplets
    • Trails on or off
    • Original artwork by Chris Castro
    • True bypass
    • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (100mA) or 9V battery (neither included)

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