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    TATE FX Raise The Dead BGP Limited Edition

    Exclusive To Boost Guitar Pedals


    About the TATE FX Raise The Dead BGP Limited Edition

    2-Stage Raise The Dead...

    Boost Guitar Pedals has commissioned Tate FX to build a limited run of Tate FX Raise The Dead fuzz pedals with a unique switchable second gain stage.

    With the toggle switch in the 'Up' state, the pedal runs as the original Raise The Dead - a silicon transistor fuzz that can get pretty aggressive. But on this BGP Limited Edition, switch the toggle to the 'Down' position and hand-selected germanium transistors come into play, making the sound softer, warmer and harmonically rich, providing a spongier feel for the player and a useful alternative tone to the silicon of the base model.

    The Tate FX Raise The Dead BGP Limited Edition is exclusive to Boost Guitar Pedals, with just a handful of units built in the initial run: you won't find these anywhere else!

    Founder Stuart is a stickler for attention to detail, and he has gone all out with the components for this pedal. A small input transformer simulates the inductance and resistance from a guitar pickup to allow this pedal to work perfectly anywhere in a signal chain - particularly after buffered pedals.

    Specially selected transistors, 1% metal film resistors and the some of the best capacitors on the market all combine to make this an incredible sounding hybrid silicon and germanium fuzz. It has tons of gain on tap and good bass response, so use that dial with care!


    • Single-dial silicon/germanium switchable hybrid fuzz pedal
    • Switchable NOS germanium stage
    • Super-high quality components
    • Exclusive to Boost Guitar Pedals
    • Handmade in the UK

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