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  • STRINGJOY Signatures Heavy Bottom Light Gauge (10-52) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

    .010 .0135 .017 .030w .040w .052w For Heavy Riffing and Dextrous Soloing


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    About the STRINGJOY Signatures Heavy Bottom Light Gauge (10-52) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

    The Stringjoy Signatures Heavy Bottom Light Gauge (10-52) guitar strings are built for heavy riffing and dextrous soloing. Compared to a typical 10-52 set, the Signatures Heavy Bottom Lights increase the B-string from 13 to 13.5, and reduce the A-string from 42 to 40. The result is better tension and a more balanced feel across the strings. 

    Thanks to the handmade nature of Stringjoy strings, using high quality materials and constant quality checks throughout the production process, you can expect a longer string life with great clarity and note separation. 

    Stringjoy Signatures Heavy Bottom Light Gauge (10-52) Gauges

    The Stringjoy Signatures Heavy Bottom Lights have the following gauges:

    .010 .0135 .017 .030w .040w .052w


    Stringjoy Signatures Heavy Bottom Light Gauge (10-52) Features

    • .010 .0135 .017 .030w .040w .052w
    • Made in Nashville, Tennessee, US
    • Nickel-plated steel wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core wire
    • Inspected for gauge accuracy, strength and finish quality before, and during, the winding process
    • Strings wound one at a time, through a manual and time-consuming process using a combination of high-tech and vintage machinery.
    • Wound at typical stringing tension to minimise amount of stretching required when stringing your guitar
    • Sealed inside a Nitrogen-flushed, oxygen free environment.
    • Each set is individually signed once it passes the final quality inspection
    • Longer string life
    • Clarity of tone and note separation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Martin K. (Coventry, GB)
    Great Customer Service

    I ordered a set of strings from Boost, that did not initially turn up. After contacting Boost via the website they immediately sent out another set (no questions asked). Both sets arrived a few days later (Thanks Royal Mail!). Boost were prompt in dealing with the issue (gave) me a set of strings and got things sorted out. Highly recommend you use these guys.

    richard h. (Farnborough, GB)
    Unusual strings - I think.

    It’s always difficult to gauge strings. At the best of times you are comparing new strings to the tired old wires you’ve taken off - hey! The new ones are nice and bright! Well yes. We have famously short aural memories and very quickly acclimatise to speak changes.

    Caveats having been entered into the record, my assessment of the stringjoys is that they are darker than average, average in my case being d’addario nyxl, and the wounds have a peculiar piano string overtone quality. They are an unusual sound, which is a surprise to me.

    Whether that’s what you want will be up to you. At the moment I am finding that interesting, though I don’t know if I’ll stay with it. They are, of course, a fine set of strings.