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  • STRINGJOY Signatures Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

    .010 .0135 .017 .026w .036w .048w For Evenly Balanced Tension & Better Intonation


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    About the STRINGJOY Signatures Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

    The Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) guitar strings address the issue of a lack of tension on the B and low E strings for a typical 10-46 setup. The B-string is increased from 13 to 13.5, while the low E-string is upped from 46 to a beefier 48.

    Thanks to the handmade nature of Stringjoy strings, using high quality materials and constant quality checks throughout the production process, you can expect a longer string life with great clarity and note separation. 

    Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) Gauges

    The Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Lights have the following gauges:

    .010 .0135 .017 .026w .036w .048w


    Stringjoy Signatures Balanced Light Gauge (10-48) Features

    • .010 .0135 .017 .026w .036w .048w
    • Made in Nashville, Tennessee, US
    • Nickel-plated steel wound around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core wire
    • Inspected for gauge accuracy, strength and finish quality before, and during, the winding process
    • Strings wound one at a time, through a manual and time-consuming process using a combination of high-tech and vintage machinery.
    • Wound at typical stringing tension to minimise amount of stretching required when stringing your guitar
    • Sealed inside a Nitrogen-flushed, oxygen free environment.
    • Each set is individually signed once it passes the final quality inspection
    • Longer string life
    • Clarity of tone and note separation

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