STOMPNORTH Midgie Booster Overdrive

Workhorse MOSFET Boost...

The Stompnorth Midgie Booster Overdrive is built around a MOSFET transistor, known for their amp-like feel and here offering over 20dB of boost.

With selectable silicon or germanium diode clipping, this is a serious workhorse pedal getting you from boosted cleans to vintage crunch.


The Silicon mode gives a more aggressive bite with good response, while the Germanium mode gives a "saggier" feel with plenty of vintage mojo. Combined with the MOSFET stage, the clipping section gives this drive a multi-dimensional quality that needs to be heard to be believed.

The Midgie Booster Overdrive is handwired point-to-point and features high quality components, including Alpha pots and the large Jupiter capacitor which takes pride of place.

This is a superb, super-stackable pedal which works really well in tandem with other pedals. Oh, and the power indicator glows to showcase several of the finest Inner Hebrides midges, personally collected by Stompnorth founder, Duncan!


  • Flexible boost/overdrive pedal with silicon and germanium clipping
  • Volume, Gain, Overdrive & Boost toggle Controls
  • High quality components
  • Made in Scotland
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)

Customer Reviews

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Ian Henderson
The Germanium circuit is beautiful!

First thing would be to say a high quality power supply is required. I found that with gain and overdrive set to about 2 and the volume set to about 3, the Germanium circuit was beautiful on a telecaster. However if you plug in a Les Paul with the same settings you get volume drop, also the Germanium setting is a bit muddy on the Les Paul. If you switch to the Silicon circuit and gun the gain you can get some great tones with the Les Paul. The Boost setting is great on both guitars, with breakup cutting in far earlier on the Les Paul than the Tele. I have been using the boost mostly to bump up the Tele when switching between guitars so the output at the end of the pedal chain is the same level. The boost also seems to add a little sparkle. With the Tele it is especially easy to play clean but then also get some dirt just with picking dynamics. The Les Paul seems to not clean up as well. Overall this is a versatile, dynamic pedal. What you can get out of it varies according to what you put in. My feeling would be that it’s best for lower-output pickups or single coils. The foot switch is super-loud. I don’t think it’s cheap, I think it’s probably due to most of the box being empty behind it. I've taken half a point off for the loud footswitch and half a point because I haven’t been able to find a nice balanced edge of breakup tone with the Les Paul easily.