STOMPNORTH Fishmoth Vintage Fuzztoner

Silicon Fuzz Face with Extras...

Stompnorth's Fishmoth Vintage Fuzztoner is based on the classic silicon Fuzz Face circuit popularised by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour.

Built around expensive low-noise foil capacitors, this very useable fuzz takes the Fuzz Face circuit and beefs it up with some very welcome extra features.

A/B Toggle

The A/B toggle switches between bright and normal frequency response, enabling you to easily dial in a sound for either humbuckers or single-coils.


The Bias control enables you to adjust the response of the pedal, from a gated, dying battery character when turned anti-clockwise, to regular at around 12 'o'clock, and full sustain and body when turned clockwise.

If you love the Fuzz Face sound (and let's be honest, who doesn't?!), the Fishmoth Vintage Fuzztoner is the pedal for you.


  • Based on the silicon Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
  • High quality, low-noise components
  • Additional features include Bias and tone response
  • Fuzz, Bias, Volume & A/B toggle Controls
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)

Customer Reviews

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Jesse (Ferndale, US)
Fuzzy fuzz is fuzzy

Awesome vintage sounding, quality built little fuzz pedal. It can add a subtle warm fuzz or full on fuzziness, especially if you pair it with a dirt pedal. The owner of Boost Guitar Pedals was kind enough to send me some sound samples before I bought it. Would recommend :)