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Retro-Styled Blues Breaker

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Inspired by the 1990s Marshall Blues Breaker pedal, the retro-styled SolidGoldFX Commodore features the unique fader controls as seen on the Canadian builder's  Imperial MKII Fuzz.

Based on the 1962 JTM45 combo as used by Eric Clapton with John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, the Marshall Blues Breaker pedal was designed to replicate all the breakup and crunch that amp had to offer. Known for its natural sounding overdrive, it's become a favourite of players including John Mayer, and was the inspiration for AnalogMan's King Of Tone pedal.

Commodore Design

Where the Commodore differs to the original Marshall Blues Breaker pedal is that it combines the Blues Breaker-style asymmetrical clipping circuit with the output section of the Imperial MKII Fuzz. giving you the freedom to sculpt your tone with the 4 tactile faders, including the unique Contour control which enables you to dial in the perfect amount of mids in conjunction with the Tone control.

With the Drive set low, the Commodore is a fantastic boost pedal, bringing in extra grit and sizzle at higher settings.

The Commodore can handle up to 18V DC - if you have the right power supply, give it the full 18V for more headroom!

Commodore Controls

The Commodore features 4 faders:

Vol Controls the output volume

Tone Dial in a brighter or darker sound. Interacts with the Contour control

Contour Boosts or cuts the mids for a range of tones. Interacts with the Tone control.

Drive Controls the amount of gain

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Commodore Features

  • Retro-styled BluesBreaker-type drive pedal
  • Handmade in Montreal, Canada
  • True bypass
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Power: 9V-18V DC (centre-negative) - not included
  • ~10 mA

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