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    SIGNAL CHEYNE Odyssey 4k Mk2

    7-12V Silicon Fuzz-Face


    About the SIGNAL CHEYNE Odyssey 4k Mk2

    The Signal Cheyne Odyssey 4k Mk2 is a versatile silicon Fuzz Face-style fuzz that's handmade in France. It features a carefully matched pair of BC108B transistors.

    Stick it at the beginning of your signal chain and revel in its classic 70's sounds; alternatively tweak it to reveal gated and bitcrushing textures.

    It's a dynamic fuzz which responds nicely to your picking and cleans up well with your guitar's volume control. You can run this between 7V and 12V.

    Odyssey 4k Mk2 Controls

    The Volume control adjusts the overall output level.

    The Fuzz control adjusts the overall level of gain. It's recommended to leave this all the way and use your guitar's volume to manage the gain.

    The Input control is an extension of your guitar's volume control and can be used to fine-tune the response of the fuzz, depending on where the Bas control is set.

    The Bias control sets the bias point of the second transistor. Set at 12 o'clock you'll get a classic 70's heavy fuzz tone. Lower settings will make the Odyssey 4k Mk2 more gated, while higher settings will give it more aggression and volume.

    Odyssey 4k Mk2 Demo


    Odyssey 4k Mk2 Features

    • Versatile silicon transistor fuzz pedal
    • Based on Fuzz Face circuit
    • Matched pair of BC108B transistors
    • Handmade in France
    • Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm
    • Power: 9V battery or a 7-12V DC centre-negative adapter (not included)
    • Current Draw: 0.3mA at 7V; 1.7mA at 9V; 2mA at 12V

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