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RED NOISE Butterfly Harmonic Tremolo

For Synth Lovers & Tweakers!

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If you love tweaking and discovering new sounds, the Red Noise Butterfly is the pedal for you!

At it's heart is a harmonic tremolo, loaded with enough dials, toggles and inputs to give endless tonal versatility, taking you from subtle pulses to huge, choppy square waves. 

It's pretty straightforward to dial in a classic Vox-like tremolo or chewy Hendrix/Trower vibe sound, but the Red Noise Butterfly really comes into its own with more complex instruments such as synths or drum machines, allowing you to create some wild sounds!

Butterfly Modes

In LFO Mode, the Butterfly modulates automatically according to the chosen wave shape and speed.

Switching to Manual Mode allows manual control of the low pass filter’s cut-off frequency. The Butterfly can now be used as a low-pass filter. Control the cut-off frequency using the Speed/Freq control.

Butterfly Waveforms

The Butterfly allows you to select from 8 different waveforms, including sine wave, square wave and triangle wave.

Butterfly EQ

The Butterfly has two EQ controls: Bass/Treble Tilt, and Mid Boost/Cut (the latter only affects the wet signal).

The Bass/Treble Tilt control accentuates low frequencies while reducing the highs, and vice-versa, centred around 800Hz. When the control is centred the response is flat.

The Mid Boost/Cut control also operates at a centre frequency of 800Hz. This control was designed to compensate for lacking mids, so it can amplify a lot… If you get distortion just take it down a notch. When the control is centred the response is flat.

Butterfly Controls

The Range Control determines the range in which the filter is functioning. Clockwise = higher in the frequency range. Counter-clockwise = lower in the frequency range.

The Soft/Hard Control sets two modes of operation with different Q and depth: Soft is more subtle and shallow, while Hard is more pronounced and choppy.

Sync Input

This is an external sync input connected to the Tap Tempo footswitch. It allows the LFO to be synchronised to an external clock signal, for use with synths, drum machines etc. The circuit provides protection against negative voltages and signals up to approximately 18V.

Butterfly Demo


 Butterfly Features

  • Feature-rich harmonic tremolo
  • Tap-tempo footswitch
  • High quality Alpha Pots
  • True Bypass
  • Handwired in Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Power: 9V power supply, centre-negative (not included)

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