RAYGUN FX Twin Fuel Driver

Fatten Up Your Tone!

The Raygun FX Twin Fuel Driver is a meaty dual-channel overdrive pedal. Although it has plenty of boost, there's slightly less gain on tap compared to the Dual Soda Drive+.

You can use each channel independently or stack them for added oomph, with each featuring a toggle to switch between Boost and Dirty modes.

There's plenty of girth here to fatten up your tone without obscuring your core sound, and stacking the channels can push your amp into singing sustain. And don't think this pedal is just for guitar - try it with bass too!


  • Dual-channel overdrive pedal
  • Boost & Dirty mode toggle switch per channel
  • Drive, & Volume controls x2
  • True bypass
  • Handwired in the UK
  • Power: 9V DC, 100mA centre-negative (not included)


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dan Ghezzi (Milan, IT)
I love it!

I am very satisfied. Is the sound that I was searching for. Very versatile.

Adam Connell (Stafford, GB)
A great pedal!

I’ve had this pedal for a while now and I am super impressed. Its packed with useable tones and having a dual foot pedal with two modes per channel makes it very versatile. And the price? Phenomenal for a dual foot pedal hand made in the UK!

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