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    The Swiss Army Knife of Fuzz!


    About the OLD BLOOD NOISE ENDEAVORS Alpha Haunt 21

    The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt 21 is not your typical fuzz: with a total of 12 highly interactive controls, it offers a unique opportunity to explore all the potential of a single fuzz circuit, from huge and sustaining, to velcroey, gated and sputtering, to mid-scooped/boosted, and even to an open overdriven sound.

    The Alpha Haunt 21 includes an active 3-band EQ controlled with sliders, a clean blend ("Enhance"), switchable Bias, Fuzz Range & Low Pass Filter controls, a Gate, and more - it's a complete Swiss army knife of fuzz!

    The Alpha Haunt 21 is a repackaged and updated version of the Alpha Haunt, itself an expanded version of Old Blood Noise Endeavors' Haunt fuzz.

    Alpha Haunt 21 Controls

    Fuzz Adjusts the gain of the fuzz effect

    Fuzz Vol Adjusts the volume of the fuzz effect

    Enhance Similar to a clean blend, you can dial in a cleaner signal processed in parallel to the fuzz-affected signal. Both signals are affected by the EQ settings

    EQ Sliders Cut or boost three separate frequency ranges using the sliders for precise control

    Master Adjusts overall output volume

    Gate Adjusts the character of the fuzz. It's interactive with the Fuzz control, and the fuzziest sounds are with both cranked

    Tone Adjusts the overall frequency response of the pedal: turn counter-clockwise for darker sounds and clockwise for brighter sounds.

    Bias Adjusts the voltage hitting the transistors - toggle left for lower bias (velcro; sputtery; gated) or toggle right for a higher bias (more sustain)

    Distortion Toggle between lower gain (left) or higher gain (right) fuzz modes

    LPF The switchable low pass filter interacts with the Tone control. The middle position is Off and bypasses the LPF, giving a volume boost; the left position is bright and affects the midrange frequencies; the right position is the normal Tone control response

    Alpha Haunt 21 Demos



    Alpha Haunt 21 Features

    • Swiss army knife fuzz with 12 highly interactive controls
    • Tactile 3-band EQ sliders
    • Soft-touch relay bypass switching
    • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (not included)
    • Current draw: 36mA 

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