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Terrifying HM-2-Styled Distortion

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The KMA Machines Wurm 2 is an update on the company's original Wurm, which pays its respects to the legendary heavy rock and metal pedal, the Boss Heavy Metal HM-2.

Check out its bigger brother, the Guardian Of The Wurm if you need a killer distortionwith all the bells and whistles, including a noise gate.

Wurm 2 EQ

The Wurm 2 takes the HM-2's legendary dual-band EQ and expands it to 4 bands, giving you maximum tweakability - ideal for getting your sound to sit perfectly in a mix or live-band situation.

EQ Style Modes

KMA developed its own unique tone stack with an EQ Style switch to dial in your perfect heavy tones:

  • "HMII" - Classic chainsaw high-mids.
  • "KMA" - Wider response, less peaky.
  • "Both" - Double up your tone and get the best of both worlds for a fat sound. Ramp up the Lows and the High-Mids for some serious Swedish chainsaw action!

Frequency Bands

Each of the 4 frequency bands is centred around a certain frequency and offers +/- 8dB of boost:

  • "Highs" - Boost or cut top-end presence at 2kHz.
  • "H-Mids" - Boost or cut gritty high mids centred around 1.3Khz. Only adjustable in "KMA" EQ mode.
  • "L-Mids" - Boost or cut thick low mids at 425Hz.
  • "Lows" - Boost or cut your low end at 90hZ.

Each band has an internal trim-pot to shift its semi-parametric centre frequency to fine-tune your tone even further:

  • Highs: 1.4–5.0kHz (centre default @ 2kHz).
  • H-Mids: 950Hz–3.2kHz (centre default @ 1.3kHz) - only in KMA EQ Mode.
  • L-Mids: 300–1050Hz (centre default @ 425Hz).
  • Lows: 60–150 Hz (centre default @ 90Hz).

What's New In The Wurm 2?

As referred to above, you can now switch EQ modes externally (the original had this feature on an internal dipswitch). The enclosure of the Wurm 2 is also slightly smaller and features top-mounted jacks, making it even more pedalboard friendly.

A new internal dipswitch has been added to the Wurm 2 to activate an input filter which tames the high frequencies, smoothing it out and reducing feedback issues, especially when everything is maxed out in true HM-2 fashion.

Wurm 2 Demos



Wurm 2 Features

  • High-Gain distortion pedal based on legendary Boss Heavy Metal HM-2
  • Highly configurable 4-band active EQ
  • 3 distinct EQ modes - now accessible on the front
  • Compact enclosure with top-mounted jacks
  • True Bypass
  • Silent relay-based soft switching
  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
  • Power: 9V DC, centre-negative (not included)
  • 50 mA current draw

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