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    Gate, Boost, Routing...A Complete Toolbox For Your 'Board


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    About the KMA MACHINES Pylon

    The KMA Machines Pylon is an "Advanced Transformer Boost" noise gate that will suppress any hiss or hum in your signal chain - a common issue with higher gain setups, single coils and vintage gear.

    Based on a high-performance Blackmer VCA, the Pylon noise gate is lightning fast and super-precise, great for tightening up your sound as well as eliminating extraneous noise.

    But it's more than just a straightforward noise gate - the Pylon is a complete toolbox for your pedalboard!

    Pylon Controls

    In addition to the noise gate, the Pylon features an integrated Boost/Cut section, an External Trigger Input for external bypass switching or gate-triggering, a relay-based Channel Switcher for controlling your amp, and a built-in audio-grade transformer to polish your sound.

    Noise Gate

    The Threshold control sets the level at which the noise gate kicks in. Best adjusted with your instrument silent - i.e only the noise audible.

    Use the Range toggle switch to adjust the detection range of the trigger circuit. "High" mode features a soft decay, preserving dynamic detail, while "Low" mode has a faster response giving a tighter gating effect.


    Ultra-high headroom provides up to 30dB of clean boost, and can also attenuate the signal.

    Use the Cut control to change the centre frequency of the 6dB/Oct LF cut (65-730 Hz). This can help to tighten up the sound and even turn the boost into a presence boost.

    The Boost toggle switch has 3 settings:

    • "Sync" - The Boost turns off as soon as the Gate is activated
    • "Off" - Boost is permanently off
    • "On" - Boost is permanently on

    A fixed built-in roll off affects everything below 65Hz when the Boost is activated, to avoid things getting flubby.

    Pylon Routing

    The Pylon has multiple inputs and outputs, giving you ultimate flexibility in the way it is used.


    Use the Channel output for relay-based switching of externally controllable devices such as other pedal functions. This output is particularly useful for switching channels on your amp at the same time as the pedal is activated (eg switching the noise gate on also changes to your amp's lead channel; switching it off changes back to your amp's clean channel).

    Use the switch above the socket to select polarity.

    Ext Control

    This is an input for an external trigger source. Select "TR" mode to trigger the gate from an external audio source (such as a bass drum) - effectively creating a sidechain!

    Select "BP" mode to use an external momentary switch to control the Pylon.

    Use the switch above the socket to select the mode.

    Send / Return

    The built in effects loop enables you to control noise in two key ways: use the four-cable method to tame the noise of your amp's own preamp section; or add your drive pedals to the Pylon's effects loop to trigger the gate with your clean signal. This is a great way to retain your signal's note attack.

    Pylon's Transformer

    The Pylon's built-in audio-grade transformer matches the impedance of low-level and unbalanced signals, such as those from a guitar or bass. It also give the signal a touch of extra warmth and heft; a subtle treatment, but effective.

    Pylon Demos




    Pylon Features

    • High-performance Blackmer VCA-based noise gate
    • Audio-grade transformer
    • Relay-based soft-switching, with selectable Gate/Boost switching modes
    • Switchable Boost circuit provides up to 37dB of gain
    • Variable-frequency Cut control helps to tighten up the low end
    • Ext Trigger input allows Gate and Bypass control from external sources
    • Channel relay output switches your amp’s channel in sync with pedal activation
    • Effects loop for signal-chain flexibility and 4-cable method connectivity
    • Internal Ground Lift dipswitch 
    • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
    • Power: 9V DC, centre-negative (not included)

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