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KMA MACHINES Guardian Of The Wurm

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The KMA Machines Guardian Of The Wurm is the ultimate distortion pedal for those playing heavier genres, thanks to its 4-band active EQ, noise gate and built in effects loop.

Based on the Boss Heavy Metal HM-2, the Guardian Of The Wurm takes heavy rock and metal to new heights. In fact, it's perhaps the most tweakable pedals of its type.

And you don't need to be in a band with a name inspired by the occult to click with the Guardian Of The Wurm - the likes of Prince, Johnny Marr and David Gilmour used the HM-2 to great effect during their careers.

Guardian Of The Wurm Controls


A key feature of the Guardian Of The Wurm is its extremely powerful EQ. The EQ-Style mode allows you to set the overall character: "HM-II" mode gives the classic high-mids sound; "KMA" mode has a wider, more balanced response; "Both" doubles up the tone stack for the best of both worlds.


Choose from "Si" for the original silicon HM-2 character; "A-S" uses asymmetric clipping to increase the headroom and adding more grit with complex harmonics; "Off" removes the diode clipping from the circuit, giving a much bolder, clearer tone ideal for bass or downtuned guitars.

Clean Blend

The Clean Blend control is a fantastic addition for preserving your core tone. It's great for retaining pick attack and giving your crushing distortion sound some much-needed clarity by adding in some of the unprocessed signal.

Noise Gate

The "Guardian" part pf the pedal, based on a high-performance Blackmer VCA, the Guardian Of The Wurm's noise gate is lightning fast and super-precise. It ensures that  none of your performance is lost while the noise is removed from the equation. It's really great for tightening up your sound, too.

The Threshold control sets the level at which the noise gate kicks in, while an internal dip-switch changes the trigger source between pre-distortion, post-distortion, or pre-noise gate.

Effects Loop

The effects loop operates between the distortion and noise gate. Add any effects pedal you like to the loop, or use it to place the noise gate in your amplifier's effects loop. There are many possibilities!

Switching Modes

The Guardian Of The Wurm features two switching modes:

"Independent" mode allows both sides of the pedal to be activated separately using the Terror and Tame footswitches. 

"Synced" mode allows the entire pedal to be activated using the Terror footswitch, while the noise gate can be added or removed as desired.

To switch modes, hold down both footswitches while connecting the power.

Guardian Of The Wurm Demos





Guardian Of The Wurm Features

  • Boss Heavy Metal HM-2-inspired distortion pedal, an evolution of KMA’s WURM
  • Dual-footswitch design
  • 4-band active EQ with variable centre-frequencies & 3 distinct EQ modes
  • Built-in high-performance Blackmer VCA-based noise gate with variable gate switching modes
  • 3 different clipping modes: Silicon; Asymmetric; Off
  • Clean Blend
  • External Trigger Input allows noise gate control from an external source
  • Effects loop between Distortion and Noise-Gate, for signal-chain flexibility
  • Internal controls for input filter, signal-trigger source and noise gate response
  • Relay-based soft-switching
  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
  • Power: 9V DC, centre-negative (not included)
  • >150mA current draw

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