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    Super-Creative Modulated Delay & Reverb


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    About the KMA MACHINES Cirrus

    The KMA Machines Cirrus is a combined delay & reverb pedal like no other. Featuring multiple modulation features, tap-tempo, an expression input and an effects loop, it has you covered for all your time-based needs.

    The Delay and Reverb sides are independent, with their own Mix controls and modes. Each side is controlled dynamically - that is, the effects are manipulated by your pick attack. The Sensitivity controls allow you to dial in how the effects react.

    Cirrus Delay Controls

    The Delay side features three modes:

    • Modulated Delay mode ("Mod") - Fluctuates the delay signal for a dynamic, warbling tape-like modulation. Dig-in with your pick for crazier pitch-bend effects.
    • Sample & Hold mode ("S/H") - Adds a sequencer-like filter in front of the delay line for a synth-style effect. Play hard for a pronounced electro-synth character.
    • Octave Mode ("Oct") - Blends in an angelic high octave as your notes decay, giving a unique, shimmery, otherwordly dimension. Harder picking increases the fade-in time of the octave effect.

    The Time control adjusts the Delay time, up to a maximum of 1.5s! Go from slapback echo to huge atmospheric repeats.

    The Delay control adjusts the mix of your dry and delayed signal.

    The Repeats control affects the number of delay repeats, from a single repeat to infinite repeats.

    The Sensitivity control adjusts how much your picking dynamics affect each of the three Delay modes. 

    The Delay Tap toggle enables you to set the delay subdivision for a range of delay rhythms: "1/1"; "1/3"; "1/8D".

    Cirrus Reverb Controls

    The Reverb side also features three modes:

    • Modulated Reverb mode ("Mod") - Add a sprinkle of movement to your reverb trails
    • Low-pass Filter mode ("LP") - Pick harder to open up the low-pass filter and bring in some shimmering high frequencies.
    • High-pass Filter mode ("HP") - Dig in to cut more low frequencies.

    The Decay control adjusts the decay (or size) of the reverb from a small room to infinite 'verb.

    The Reverb control adjusts the mix of your dry and delayed signal.

    The Damp control adjusts the high frequency response, from darker tones to bright and lively sounds.

    The Sensitivity control adjusts how much your picking dynamics affect each of the three Reverb modes.

    Cirrus Footswitch Controls

    The Bypass footswitch activates the Cirrus normally, but you can also depress the footswitch to momentarily activate it (if the pedal is off) for a burst of ambience, or for maximum Decay (if the pedal is already on), giving you infinite reverb.

    The Tap-Tempo footswitch is used (unsurprisingly) to tap in your delay tempo, but you can also depress the footswitch to max out the delay repeats for infinite delay.

    Cirrus Routing

    The Cirrus is equipped with an Expression Pedal input using a standard TRS connection. The large Exp Mode control gives you hands-free control over your chosen parameter.

    An internal dipswitch allows you to turn trails on or off for both Reverb and Delay, while internal mix controls for both enable you to dial in your tone exactly as you like it.

    The Order toggle switch allows you to choose whether to run the Delay into the Reverb, or vice-versa.

    Cirrus Demos





    Cirrus Features

    • Creative delay and reverb pedal
    • Independent delay & reverb sides with extensive modulation features
    • Reverb/Delay position order switch
    • Individual mix controls
    • Tap-tempo with additional momentary switch options
    • Expression input for hands-free control of tone-shaping functions
    • Effects loop
    • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
    • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (not included)
    • 220 mA current draw