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  • KMA MACHINES Chief Disruptor

    Versatile Muff-Style Fuzz


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    About the KMA MACHINES Chief Disruptor

    The KMA Machines Chief Disruptor is a massively tweakable Muff-style fuzz, featuring tons of options to get your perfect sound, including 3 Gain modes, active EQ with adjustable and switchable Mids controls, Top-Boost circuit and Clean Blend with Pre- or Post-EQ options.

    Chief Disruptor Controls


    The Chief Disruptor features 3 gain modes:

    • "Tight" - A more modern, tight and focused sound; less bass and super-crisp harmonics.
    • "Vtg" - Vintage mode is classic Muff with a balanced frequency response.
    • "Heavy" - Thick sustain, big low end and rich mids.

    Use the Disruption control to crank the gain to your liking, from light drive to crunchy rhythm tones, saturated lead sounds and crushing doom fuzz.


    The Chief Disruptor's powerful EQ section gives you control over sculpting your sound. Active Bass and Treble controls give you up to 15dB of boost or cut, while the parametric Mids EQ with adjustable centre frequency (100Hz to 2kHz) gets you from scooped tones to mids-focused and even cocked-wah effects.

    You can adjust the Mids EQ on-the-fly using an expression pedal for wah-like quacks or phaser-like sweeps. You can also adjust the Q of the Mids-EQ using the internal trimpot.

    Use the Mids footswitch to activate the Mids EQ - perfect for screaming solos, giving your chord work some emphasis or adding some filter action!


    Engage the Top-Boost circuit with the toggle switch for a cutting boost that punches through the mix. You can adjust the level of the Top-Boost using the internal trimpot.

    Clean Blend

    Use the Clean Blend control to give your fuzz or distortion tones some of the clarity and attack of your dry signal.

    Use the toggle switch to specify whether your dry signal is inserted Pre- or Post-EQ for different characters - Pre-EQ is a more cohesive sound, while Post-EQ ensures your dry signal is unaffected by any EQ tweaks.

    Chief Disruptor Demos






    Chief Disruptor Features  

    • Muff-style fuzz drive with stacked voltage topology, making the Chief Disruptor one of the loudest pedals out there
    • 3 different gain modes
    • Relay-based soft-switching, with footswitchable Mids EQ
    • Active Bass & Treble EQ controls provide up to 15dB of boost or cut
    • Parametric Mids EQ features adjustable centre frequency and external expression pedal control
    • Pre- or Post-EQ Clean Blend
    • Top-Boost circuit for cutting lead tones
    • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
    • Power: 9V DC, centre-negative (not included)
    • >160mA power draw

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Anonymous (Dublin, IE)
    Very versatile pedal

    Smooth blues tone to heavily Fuzzed distortion.