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    JACKSON AUDIO 1484 Twin Twelve Silvertone Preamp

    Perfect Pre-Amp For White Stripes, Green Day & Black Keys!


    About the JACKSON AUDIO 1484 Twin Twelve Silvertone Preamp

    The Jackson Audio 1484 Twin Twelve pedal has been designed in collaboration with Silvertone to accurately replicate the sound of the brand's Twin Twelve amplifier, which was built between 1963 and 1967.

    While Jackson Audio is best known for its range of digitally controlled effects, the 1484 Twin Twelve is a fully analogue part-for-part recreation of the 1960s Silvertone Twin Twelve, identified in the Sear's catalogue of the day as model "1484".

    The beauty of this preamp pedal is that Jackson Audio have taken the original blueprint for the amp and replaced its valves for JFETs, which are known for their valve-like response. This means the 1484 Twin Twelve pedal is as close to the original as it's possible to get without building a full valve head!

    The brushed metal chassis is another element that harks back to the original amp. It's designed to closely resemble the front panel of the Silvertone Twin Twelve, including custom-made knobs to match the no-longer-available originals - and it looks amazing!

    1484 Twin Twelve Silvertone Preamp Controls

    The Jackson Audio 1484 Twin Twelve features the same controls as the amp's preamp section: Volume, Gain, Bass and Treble.

    Lower Gain settings give you light overdrive through to classic rock, while from around 12 to 2 o'clock it starts to get pushed and fuzzy. From 3 o'clock onwards, it begins to compress really nicely while retaining some of that fuzzy edge.

    Internal Voltage Doubler

    The 1484 Twin Twelve incorporates an internal voltage doubler to give 18V headroom from a standard 9V power supply.

    1484 Twin Twelve Silvertone Preamp Demos




    1484 Twin Twelve Silvertone Preamp Features

    • Exact recreation of the 1960s Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve amplifier preamp section
    • Designed in collaboration with Silvertone
    • Handbuilt in Texas, USA
    • Custom-made knobs
    • Internal voltage doubler increases your 9V power supply to 18V
    • Soft-switching true bypass footswitch
    • Top-mounted jacks
    • Power: 9V DC (centre-negative) - not supplied
    • Current draw: ~35mA

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