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Superb Value Delay...

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The Greenhouse Effects Roots Echo is a superb value analogue-style delay. Its delay time of up to 500ms takes you from straightforward slapback to ambient soundtracks with a near-endless trail of warm, lush repeats. 

Back-to-basics functionality makes the Roots Echo a dream to use, but it gives a nod to the future with its innovative switching...

DSS Switching

The Roots Echo features DSS (Dual Switching System), which allows you to hold down the footswitch to activate the self-oscillation mode for some great ambient sounds. Release the footswitch and the self-oscillations gradually die out.

Roots Echo Controls


The Delay control adjusts the delay time, up to 500ms.


The Regen control adjusts the number of times your original signal is repeated. Each repeat degrades in fidelity, just like it would with an analogue delay.


Adjust the dry to wet signal ratio with the Mix control. You can set the Mix high for a more upfront delay, or set it lower for a more subtle effect.

Roots Echo Demo

Roots Echo Features

  • Great value analogue-style delay pedal
  • 500ms max delay time
  • Innovative DSS footswitch with self-oscillation feature
  • Soft touch, silent switching
  • Delay, Regen & Mix controls
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Oscar C (Maida Vale, GB)
Great Delay

Awesome pedal. Does everything from short slaps, to long endless delays, or echo-verb. The infinite delay feature on the button hold is interesting, though if you need a certain sound out of it like that, you have to be okay with the sound that those settings create when the infinite hold feature is off. I’m sure it will be great for recording some interesting textures, but I don’t think I’d use it live, as the infinite hold sounds glitchy and cuts off very quickly at some of the shorter, more subtle delay settings that I use. The art on the pedal is nice, and the build quality is solid. Comes with a carry bag, for some reason, but I can’t complain. A great unit by any standard, but especially good quality and features for the ticket price.

John Miller (Bournemouth, GB)
A quality pedal that is easy to use.

The pedal has an impressive quality feel with the controls and switches in particular having a very nice feel to them.
It is easy to use and very effective with the ambient oscillation function being a very nice touch as well.
I can't see this coming off my pedal board, its there to stay.
I will definitely be looking at buying more greenhouse effect pedals.