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East German Distorto-Fuzz...

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The Fredric Effects Verzerrer is based on the only cold war-era East German distortion pedal, originally produced in the 1960s and '70s. It veers from distortion into spitty fuzz and full on velcro mode and sounds remarkably unique.

The original featured a plastic enclosure and trim pots that had to be adjusted with a screwdriver - not exactly gig-friendly. Fredric Effects' updated version takes the original design, including using original diodes and transistors, and improves the pedal by encasing it in a sturdy folded metal mini-wedge enclosure and adding circuit-board mounted dip-switches for additional tweakability.

"It’s just pure nastiness. This pedal nails the splutter-fuzz effect as well as any we’ve tried" - Guitarist Magazine December 2019

Verzerrer Controls

The Bias control allows you to produce gated, dying-battery tones when turned down, or increase sustain as it is turned up.

The internal dip switches are:

  • NR1/NR2: Noise reduction
  • Limit Res: The original's volume-limiting resistor
  • Boost Off: Boost is on by default in order to engage the volume boost
  • Boost On x2: These must be on to engage the volume boost

This pedal can produce really gritty sounds that stand out in the mix. The Tone control is very responsive and can bring your sound forward or supress buzzy high end depending on how you set it.

If you love velcro, spitty fuzz sounds then you can't go wrong with this awesome piece of nostalgia!

    Verzerrer Demo 


    Verzerrer Features:

    • Distortion/fuzz reproduction of a rare East German original
    • Original old-stock diodes and transistors
    • Handmade in London, UK
    • Tone, Input Level, Volume, Intensity, Bias & Internal Dip Switch controls
    • Power: 9V power supply, centre-negative or 9V battery (neither are included)

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