2 World-Class Buffers For Your Pedalboard...

The Fredric Effects K/C Buffer packs 2 world-class buffers into a custom form-factor, small enough to fit in your pocket!

The Klon buffer and the Pete Cornish buffer are both renowned for their effects on players' signal paths. The Klon buffer is based on an op-amp, whereas the Pete Cornish buffer is based on transistors.

Do I Need a Buffer?

A buffer is required in some circumstances to avoid "tone suck" which can be caused by three different factors:

  • Long cable runs (not forgetting patch cables between effects).
  • A signal chain made up of true bypass pedals.
  • Some older pedals with low input impedance.

Read more about buffers in our blog: What is a True Bypass Pedal?

Tone test

First, play through your pedalboard with all effects turned off. Next, plug directly into your amp. If you notice a difference in tone, then a buffer will help restore your "pedalboard tone".

The K/C Buffer

The Fredric Effects K/C Buffer focuses on the two most acclaimed buffer circuits out there: the buffer from the Klon Centaur and the buffer used in Pete Cornish's pedals. These pedals are incredibly desirable for the effects they have on a players' tone, and the buffers used play a large role in this.

You can find the "Klon" side of the K/C Buffer in Fredric Effects' very own Golden Eagle, a super-accurate Klone.

Although buffered bypass (i.e not true bypass) pedals act as buffers, not all are built equally and some can do as much harm to your tone as not having a buffer at all. BOSS pedals, for example, buffer the signal at just below unity gain - so using several BOSS pedals in your chain can suck gain from your signal.

K/C Buffer Features

  • 2 circuit-accurate buffers in a tiny pedalboard-friendly package (61x 46x 30mm)
  • Slider switch toggles between buffer type
  • Custom made enclosure
  • Hand-built in London
  • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)

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