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Dual-Circuit Silicon & Germanium Fuzz Face

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The Fredric Effects DuoFace is your one-stop shop for the Fuzz Face tones you've been dreaming of. Whether you covet the germanium circuit of early Hendrix, or the more agressive post-'68 silicon version, the DuoFace allows you to have both in a single pedal.

What Is The Fuzz Face?

The Fuzz Face is one of the most famous fuzz pedals of all time, used by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Duane Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa. It's renowned for its ability to clean up with the guitar's volume pot, making it a great effect if you like to control your sound with your fingers rather than your feet.

Silicon or Germanium?

The DuoFace allows you to toggle between independent germanium and silicon Fuzz Face circuits, so you no longer need to pledge your allegiance to one or the other. Each circuit features a Bias trimpot to adjust how the transistors react - from gated and splatty to smooth and sustained - for a wide variety of useable sounds.

DuoFace Demo

DuoFace Features

  • Dual fuzz based on the Fuzz Face germanium & silicon circuits
  • Handmade in London, UK
  • Gain, Volume, Si Bias, Ge Bias & circuit toggle controls
  • Power: 9V centre-negative or 9V battery (neither included)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ivan Stulajter (Bratislava, SK)

Great vintage fuzz

Kris Mulholland (Saltcoats, GB)
Great fuzz

This FF pedal is fantastic. Ge side is nice and smooth, Silicon side has more bite. Volume roll off is fantastic and has that nice brightness to the tone.
Bias knobs have a good sweep of tones exactly as described gated or spitty whatever shade you are after.
It is great stand alone into a clean channel or lightly gained amp. Smashes the front end of other gain pedals well.
Works great with humbuckers or single coils, whatever your flavour.
Really neat purchase at this price point for what is 2 FF pedals in one.