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FREDRIC EFFECTS Accomplished Badger MkII Preamp

Studio-Grade Preamp Full of Musicality & Grit

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The Fredric Effects Accomplished Badger MKII is a beautiful sounding dual-stage preamp/boost utilising a 4558 op-amp stage which drives a NOS germanium transistor. 

The new MkII Accomplished Badger incorporates an internal charge pump to run at 18v (from a 9v input) and an audio-grade Triad output transformer for more musical saturation and breakup. The pedal also incorporates 3 internal dip-switches on the circuit board for more gain, soft clipping and hard clipping for overdrive and distortion tones.

"Ramping up the germanium gain while keeping the op-amp gain low adds an enticing sizzle, and the harder you hammer it the closer you get to something approaching a chewy low-gain fuzz. Dialling in more op-amp gain gives an added shot of excitement, and the end result is compellingly irascible and ragged, like something you’d hear on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the 1970s." - 17/12/21

The Accomplished Badger is a fantastic studio tool for running into a DI on your audio interface. In a more traditional setting on your pedalboard, it has a weighty feel to the clean boost and a raucous, spitty granularity to the germanium boost. When combined, you can achieve some seriously heavyweight yet tonally transparent sounds...

What sounds can I get out of the Accomplished Badger MKII?

The Accomplished Badger MKII goes from ultra-clean to harmonically rich.

You can turn the germanium stage right down for a super-clean op-amp boost, while turning up the germanium gain stage and driving it hard with the Clean Gain mini pot gets you into super-saturated, gritty, velcro fuzz territory.

Turning both controls to middling levels gives way to beautifully expansive tones with that characteristic germanium responsiveness and "bounce".

This is a super-versatile low-gain pedal, giving you the option of dialling in as much or as little germanium colouration as you like, or allowing you to run it as a clean preamp. A must for your pedalboard!

Accomplished Badger MKII Demo


Accomplished Badger MKII Features

  • Dual-stage studio-grade preamp/boost
  • NOS germanium transistors
  • Audio-grade Triad output transformer
  • Internal charge pump
  • 3 internal dip-switches for changing gain and clipping characteristics
  • Handmade in London, UK
  • Ge Gain, Clean Gain & Volume controls
  • Power: 9V centre-negative or 9V battery (neither included)

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