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    FORMULA B Mini Bender Combo

    2 Tone Benders In 1!


    About the FORMULA B Mini Bender Combo

    The Formula B Mini Bender Combo is what every Tone Bender fan desires: a recreation of two of its most famous circuits, the Mk 1.5 and Mk II. 

    Featuring three germanium transistors, you can toggle between the two modes.

    What's The Difference Between "Mk 1.5" & "Pro II" Modes?

    The first Mk 1.5 Tone Benders were released in 1965. Featuring 2 Mullard OC75 transistors, the circuit is said to have inspired the first Arbiter Fuzz Faces, which arrived on the market in 1966.

    The Mk II Pro upgraded the circuit to 3 Mullard OC75 or OC81D transistors. One of the most desirable versions of the Tone Bender, it's known for its glorious fuzz tones and excellent response to a guitar's volume pot.

    Mini Bender Combo Circuit

    The Mini Bender Combo uses 3 NOS Soviet germanium transistors. "With these, you can clean up the sound with the volume of the guitar with zero noise," Marco tells me. He also says that they are better than the Mullard OC75s used by other builders: "The OC75 that all are using are new (no Mullard NOS)." 

    The Mini Bender Combo incudes a built in voltage inverter to feed power to the germanium transistors, avoiding the need for a positive-ground power supply like the originals required, which means you can share a power supply with other pedals with no issues.

    Mini Bender Combo Demos




    Mini Bender Combo Features

    • Dual Mk 1.5 & Mk II Pro Tone Bender
    • Handmade in Todi, Italy
    • NOS Soviet germanium transistors
    • Built in voltage inverter
    • True bypass
    • Power: 9V DC, centre-negative (not included)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Paul K. (Middlesbrough, GB)
    Great pedal

    It's my first Tonebender style fuzz and so far I'm loving it. I've tried it with a Tele, Les Paul, and Les Paul Jr DC and each pick configuration is playing nicely with the pedal through a Marshall SV20H Plexi and a Vox ac15. The only criticism is that I'd like more volume from the pedal as I need it maxed out to not suffer a drop in volume. The service from Boost pedals was fantastic. Fuss free and quick delivery. I would definitely buy from them again and they seem to have some pedals a bit different from the 'norm'. Thanks Jim.