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    DRUNK BEAVER Ivan Mazepa

    Boutique Soviet Fuzz with Vintage Silicon & Germanium Transistors


    About the DRUNK BEAVER Ivan Mazepa

    This pedal is reduced as B-stock - Aesthetic-only damage from leaked glue pot (don't ask!). Only top right quarter affected. Tested and works perfectly and sounds great. See pictures for details.

    The Drunk Beaver Ivan Mazepa is Vitalii's ingenious remake of a 1970’s Soviet-era Poltava Fuzz-Wah pedal; a unique hybrid silicon / germanium circuit combining modern components with vintage Soviet transistors (Si KT315A/B & Ge GT310B) as found in the original.

    Ivan Mazepa Controls

    While the original Poltava Fuzz-Wah only had Volume and Tone controls, the Drunk Beaver Ivan Mazepa adds Bias and Gain pots, as well as a Big Muff-style tone stack on the toggle switch. 

    Volume ("Greatness") Master output level, with plenty of volume on tap.

    Gain ("Resistance") Controls the amount of distortion. An internal trimmer on the original Poltava

    Tone ("Diplomacy") Adjusts balance between bass and treble.

    Bias ("Liberty") Adjusts 2nd gain stage biasing, changing the character of the fuzz. An internal trimmer on the original Poltava

    Tone stack toggle Switches between classic Poltava and Big Muff-style tone stacks.

    LED brightness trimmer This internal trimpot allows you to adjust the status LED brightness.

    Ivan Mazepa Demo


    Ivan Mazepa Features

    • Improved take on a Soviet-era Fuzz with vintage Silicon (KT315A/B) & Germanium (GT310B) transistors
    • Handmade in Poland
    • Greatness, Resistance, Diplomacy & Liberty controls, plus Tone stack toggle and internal LED brightness trimmer.
    • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)
    • Current draw: 10mA
    • Dimensions: 1590BB; 120mm x 94mm x 33mm