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    DRUNK BEAVER Fuzz Master

    Multi-Transistor Iteration of the OG Fuzz!


    About the DRUNK BEAVER Fuzz Master

    The Drunk Beaver Fuzz Master is based on the Maestro FZ-1S "Super Fuzz", a 1970s silicon iteration of the classic germanium FZ-1 circuit.

    The Fuzz Master / FZ-1S ups the transistor count significantly from the OG FZ-1's two transistors: it utilises several low-noise MPSA18 transistors for buffer and signal duties, and twin NOS BC109C transistors for the gain stages.

    Voice Modes

    The pedal incorporates a mod allowing you to select from three different clipping modes:

    Classic" 2N2222 transistors (same as in the original Maestro FZ1-S)

    "Loud" Red LEDs

    "Smooth" NOS Germanium diodes.

    Fuzz Master Controls

    As well as the Voice Toggle mentioned above, the Fuzz Master has the following controls:

    Volume Master output level.
    Balance Mixes the clean signal with the fuzz signal.
    Sustain Adjusts the amount of gain.

    Mode Footswitch The Mode footswitch allows you to toggle between Red ("Unfiltered" - more aggressive sounding with plenty of treble focus) and Blue ("Scooped" - a more rounded, thick sound).

    Bypass Footswitch

    Temporarily enable/disable the pedal by long-pressing (>350ms) the Bypass footswitch. 

    Fuzz Master Demo


    Fuzz Master Features

    • Based on the Maestro FZ-1S, a 1970s silicon iteration of the original FZ-1
    • Handmade in Poland
    • Volume, Balance, Sustain, plus Voice toggle and internal volume trimmer.
    • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)
    • Current draw: 70mA
    • Dimensions: 125B; 122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm

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