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36-in-1 Chunky Rat!

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The Drunk Beaver Fat Bat is yet another of founder Vitalii Bobrov's takes on the Rat pedal, this time based on the Ibanez Fat Cat circuit, with additional Ibanez LA Metal and Pro Co Fat Rat voicings. There are 6 different clipping modes, 2 op-amp modes and a 3-way Fat switch.

Fat Bat Clipping Modes

The Fat Bat has 6 clipping modes:

  • "LED" - Red LEDs as used in the Turbo Rat
  • "LA" - Op-amp clipping as used in the LA Metal...Very loud!
  • "Ge" - NOS Soviet D9 germanium diodes similar to You Dirty Rat
  • "FC" - 1N914 silicon diodes as used in the Fat Cat
  • "BAT" - BAT85 silicon diodes
  • "FR" - BS170 MOSFET and 1N914 silicon diodes similar to those used in the Pro Co Fat Rat

Fat Bat Op-Amp Modes

The Fat Rat is loaded with NOS JRC5534 (FC / LA) and NOS CA741 (Bat) op-amps. You can switch between them to dial in the voicing you're after.

  • "FC/LA" - A NOS JRC5534 op-amp as used in the Fat Cat and LA Metal
  • "Bat" - A NOS CA741 (similar to the LM741 found in distortion pedals such as the MXR Distortion+) giving more low end

Fat Bat Controls

As well as the Clipping and Op-amp modes mentioned above, the Fat Bat includes a 3-way Fat switch to toggle between Fat Cat ("FC"), LA Metal ("LA) and Fat Rat ("FR") bass response.

The Distortion, Tone and Volume controls work in the same way as a traditional Rat.

Fat Bat Demo

Fat Bat Features

  • 36-in-1 Rat-type pedal based on Ibanez FC10 Fat Cat, with Ibanez LA Metal and Pro Co Fat Rat voicings
  • Handmade in Poland
  • Distortion, Tone, Volume, Mode, Op-Amp & Fat controls
  • Internal LED Brightness adjustment
  • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)

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