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    DRUNK BEAVER Distortion

    Superb DS-1 Variant With Tons Of FEatures


    About the DRUNK BEAVER Distortion

    The Drunk Beaver Distortion is based on the ever-popular Boss DS-1 - the 1978 Made in Japan version, to be precise - with some exciting improvements to the original, including a Mids switch and a switchable Muff gain stage!

    And just like Drunk Beaver's awesome range of Bat pedals, here you get a Clipping knob to select from 8 different clipping modes, and an Op-amp knob to select from two distinct voicings.

    "Not just one of the best Drunk Beaver Pedals ever - but a genuine timeless classic of its kind!" - Guitar Pedal X

    Stefan at Guitar Pedal X said in his review in February 2023: "This is such a great showcase for how Vitalii Bobrov works - and this to my mind is how pedals should be Modded and Evolved - delivering something infinitely better than the original inspiration! Not just one of the best Drunk Beaver Pedals ever - but a genuine timeless classic of its kind!"

    The Boss DS-1

    The Boss DS-1 was launched in 1978 and has since become one of the most pivotal (and bestselling) effects pedals on the planet, celebrated for its hard-clipping circuit design. The DS-1 has been used by thousands of pro guitarists, down the years, including the likes of Kurt Cobain, John Frusciante, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Billy Corgan and Gary Moore.

    Drunk Beaver Distortion Controls

    The Drunk Beaver Distortion includes an expanded feature set compared to the DS-1, giving tons of different tones. This is a versatile pedal and might be the only distortion you ever need!

    Level Adjusts output volume

    Tone Adjusts balance of high and low frequencies

    Dist Adjusts amount of gain

    Mids Toggle between Stock DS-1 (scooped mids), Less Scooped, and Flat 

    Clipping Mode Select from 8 different clipping modes to dial in your ideal tone: 

    • Boost (no diodes)
    • LEDs
    • '78 (vintage Si diodes)
    • '94 (1N914)
    • Ge (asymmetrical NOS Soviet D9)
    • Si (asymmetrical 1N914)
    • MOS (MOSFET transistors)
    • 4001 (1N4001 diodes)

    Op-Amp Toggle between Modern (TI RC4580) or Vintage (NOS MIJ) op-amp.

    Muff Toggle a Big Muff-style transistor gain stage, making the sound a bit more compressed and fat. Can result in a volume drop.

    Distortion Demo

    Distortion Features

    • Upgraded and updated take on the popular Boss DS-1 Distortion
    • Handmade in Poland
    • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)
    • Current draw: 6mA
    • Dimensions: 125B, 122mm x 66mm x 39.5mm

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