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All-In-One Drive/Gain Pedal Based on '90s Underground Classic

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The Drunk Beaver Bloom is a modded version of the mid-1990s Japanese-made Bixonic Expandora overdrive, as used by the likes of Billy Gibbons, Joe Satriani, Megadeth and Slipknot. It's not a widely known pedal, but those who know it rate it highly!

The Bloom is an extremely versatile pedal with plenty of volume and headroom, and its various modes of overdrive, distortionand fuzz. If you need an all-in-one pedal, or just fancy adding some new shades of gain to your pedalboard, then this is the one for you!

Bloom Controls

"Gain" - Adjusts the amount of gain (pretty self explanatory!)

"Tone" - Controls high-frequency response.

"Volume" - Adjusts output level.

"Voice" switch - Select between 3 clipping modes:

  • Silicon - The same silicon diodes as used in the original Expandora
  • LED - Maximum volume and dynamics
  • Germanium - NOS germanium diodes for saturation and sustain

"Mode" switch - Select between 4 modes:

  • Overdrive 
  • Crunch
  • Distortion
  • Fuzz (the "forbidden" setting in the original Expandora).

"Instrument" switch - Located on the left side of the pedal, this switch allows you to select between "Bass" (full-frequency response) or "Guitar" (cuts some of the lows for a more cutting, focused sound).

An internal LED brightness trimmer allows you to adjust the status LED brightness.

Bloom Demo


Bloom Features

  • Modded take on the Bixonic Expandora
  • Hand made in Poland
  • Gain, Tone, Volume, Voice, Mode & Instrument controls
  • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (not supplied)

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