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    V2 Lo-Fi Cassette Modulator



    The Bleak District Electric RecHead V2 is an update using  cassette tape-style modulator pedal, replicating the tape saturation, flutter and lo-fi organic character of this good-old physical media. 

    What's New with the RecHead V2?

    The main difference between the original and the V2 is that in this new version, the circuit used to follow the guitar envelope is different, allowing for a much stronger effect even when playing very gently.

    The Character control gives a different range of saturation and tone combined, while the dry signal is now just on or off, rather than a blend control.

    RecHead V2 Controls

    Sensitivity - At its heart is an envelope following vibrato; sensitive to how soft or hard you play, which can be fine-tuned using the Sensitivity control. The harder you play (and the higher the Sensitivity), the more it bends the pitch, giving some really dynamic wow/vibrato effects.

    Character - The Character control combines tape saturation and tone in one. Anticlockwise is clean and jangly, while clockwise gets woolly and more saturated.

    Tape Return - Controls the amount of emulated signal going to the output. This is the overall volume of the effect if no dry signal is present.

    Kill Dry - The Kill Dry toggle switch lets you have either a completely wet signal for tape emulation and dynamic vibrato sounds, or a combination of wet and dry signals for lo-fi sounds, thick chorus and wide doubletracked effects.

    RecHead V2 Demo


    RecHead V2 Features

    • Tape saturation and flutter effects emulating old cassette recorders
    • Dynamic wow/vibrato with adjustable Sensitivity control
    • Switch dry signal in or out for tape sim/vibrato or thick chorus effects
    • Character control simultaneously adjusts saturation and tone for a wide range of sounds
    • Top mounted jacks
    • Handmade in the UK
    • Power: 9V centre-negative (not supplied) 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Vincent (Worthing, GB)
    Not everyone... But if it's for you... It's really for you!

    Bought this as I wanted some lo-fi in my sound, and wasn't really using my Boss Ce-5 to it's potential. Just wasn't the right feel.

    Saw a demo of the CB Generation Loss and thought - yes! But only a fraction of what it does is what I want. And it's very pricey for me.

    This is that fraction, and at a fraction of the cost.

    Good work, Bleak District. And great service from Boost 👍🏼

    Steven (Sheffield, GB)
    Great pedal, even better service

    Interesting pedal from a local builder, great tones, build quality and excellent value. Even better was the service I received from Boost, a big thanks to all the team there. Brilliant.


    Love the warbled tape effect it brings to playing. And the kill dry signal is brilliant if you just want to hear just the tape sound. Excellent to play around with and get some interesting sounds.