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FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers
Rich B (Stockton-on-Tees, GB)
Great pedal, great service!

Best prices on the net, in stock and fast delivery. Would buy again. Great sounding pedal and exactly as I had hoped. This one should be on my board for a while!

Michael PHillips (Slough, GB)
Great quirky echo pedal

Really like this pedal. Good fun and easy to use and well made. It has a really hypnotic tone and feel to it. It is very reminiscent of old tape echo units.

RED NOISE Germanium Stone Blender
Stefan Karlsson (Paddington, GB)
Great Serivice

Really personable service with exemplary communication and swift shipping.

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2
Ade Miller (Stroud, GB)
Vintage Vibe

Had a few vibes, absolutely loving this one, check the YT demos, lovely satisfying vibe with all the swirly goodness you could hope for. Beautifully made and reasonably priced. Highly recommended - and Jim at Boost is a top guy

FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers
Lorenzo Stella (Acton, GB)
A great find both pedalwise and shopwise

I came across the Formula B Fuzz Rangers via online demos on Youtube, and they all sounded so good that I had to get one. Looking online I found the Boost Guitar Pedals website via the Formula B website as a listed UK stockist. Jim was excellent and the pedal arrived when he said it would and it was perfectly packaged. I would have no hesitation in buying any other product from Boost.
As for the Fuzz Rangers, it is a great pedal. I had to work at it a touch to get the sounds I liked from it, but it seems to react really well to different guitars and different amps with adjustments to volume and tone on the guitar and different amp settings. I found it works best into a slightly cranked amp, and volume roll-off on the guitar offers a great variety of sounds from clean to classic fuzz. Thoroughly enjoying the pedal. Well done Jim, great website and a great selection of interesting brands and pedals..... Which one next????

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2
Paul Cope (Hayling Island, GB)
Vintage Vibe Mk2

Having used a number of univibe clones over the years this one truly nails the sound for me, it comes with some clever additions in a pedal board friendly size and is excellent value for money. If you want the true sound of the original this pedal delivers.Special thanks to boost Guitar Pedals for putting this deal together so quickly..

RED NOISE Stone Blender
Paul Firman (Bracknell, GB)
Fuzzy stone bender!

I'm still working my way through all the sounds, but so far I'm loving them all.
Each time I think I've got a fav sound I flip the diode switch and there's another one. Great value for a four-in-one fuzz pedal!!

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2
Alan Winston (Nottingham, GB)
Formula B Vintage vibe

Not writing a long review but this is the best vibe I’ve owned. Do yourself a favour and get one on your board

FREDRIC EFFECTS Super Unpleasant Companion Nouveau
Chris Beard (Newcastle-under-Lyme, GB)
Great sounding and now a mainstay on my board

Both modes really useable. The first can get a wooly or starved/wolly sound or more nasally raw sound depending on how you dial it in.
Mode two can be more mid focused and with both switches down it's just a real nice deep, warm wall of fuzz. Great stuff.

Oscar C (Maida Vale, GB)
Great Delay

Awesome pedal. Does everything from short slaps, to long endless delays, or echo-verb. The infinite delay feature on the button hold is interesting, though if you need a certain sound out of it like that, you have to be okay with the sound that those settings create when the infinite hold feature is off. I’m sure it will be great for recording some interesting textures, but I don’t think I’d use it live, as the infinite hold sounds glitchy and cuts off very quickly at some of the shorter, more subtle delay settings that I use. The art on the pedal is nice, and the build quality is solid. Comes with a carry bag, for some reason, but I can’t complain. A great unit by any standard, but especially good quality and features for the ticket price.

FORMULA B Super Plexi V (Black & Gold)
Gerard Lennon (Manchester, GB)
What it says

Well made and sounds exactly as advertised

FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers
Peculiar the great. (Halifax, GB)
Cannot fault

Brilliant service, great pedal.

RAYGUN FX Vintage Booster
Gary Grainger (Newton Aycliffe, GB)
Not used in anger yet, but.......

Delivery was fast, packaging was great. Only used at home at the moment, but does exactly as I hoped - BOOST!

FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers
Kris Mulholland (Saltcoats, GB)
FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers

This pedal is simply fantastic.
Great fuzz with a good sweep of control with the guitar volume pot. Cannot get an unlikeable sound through any pickup selection single coil/humbucker.
Added benefit of the Rangemaster included is just lush. I am preferring boosting into the fuzz and use the boost into other drives along the chain.
I am praising this as 2 great pedals in one comfortably sized housing. Amazing!

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2
Kris Mulholland (Saltcoats, GB)
FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2

I have held myself back from purchasing a vibe for years now but I took the plunge on this and I am extremely happy.
The size of the unit is great on my board and pairs with my drives and fuzz amazingly well. I am preferring the flavour of keeping it pre-gain stages on the board.
Simple controls with the added benefit of 2 speeds.
I highly encourage anyone else who was on the fence like me, go for this!

FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers
Paul Firman (Bracknell, GB)
FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers

For a long time I was convinced that I didn't need a fuzz. This is a pedal that convinced me otherwise. But, be aware and don't go at it guns blazing like I did. Jim offered some good advice as there is a lot of gain waiting here. You may need some time to get your levels right and having extra options such as the boost/fuzz direction switch and the low/mid/hi toggle can have a big effect.
Backing the guitar's volume back a bit also helps with not overloading your amp. It's a great value pedal that has a permanent space on my board.

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2
Paul Firman (Bracknell, GB)
FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2

Vibe is everyone's fav modulation right? I've only owned one vibe previous to this one but it lacked the 'throb' that we all love and that this pedal has. The intensity control giving a lovely pulsing sound. Having the two speed dials is a great idea as I can imagine having one dial and operating it in a live setting with your foot might get messy!
With some vibe units coming in at £400.00 and above these days this Formula B unit is easy on the pocket.
The video that swung it for me is the 'Buddy Blues' one that's on this page. If you were doubtful about buying one this video should swing it!!

Great sounding, massively versatile chorus

I've been meaning to add a dedicated chorus pedal to my board for a while now and saw Ponderer Sounds' YouTube review of the Logos which really piqued my intereset. One of the first pedals I ever owned (back in the late 80's) was a DOD FX65 which was a great dedicated chorus. Sadly I sold it way back and had never really bothered with much in the way of modulation since then... When the pandemic hit, I'd already started playing more guitar again and since I was still working but not having as many outgoings as usual, I decided to revive my interest in effects and set about putting together my first pedalboard. Amazed at the breadth of makers and effects available, I brought together some classic brands like EHX and BOSS with newer and smaller, hand-wired pedal makers. In addition I've developed a taste for more ambient and electronic textures in my sound so when I saw the Logos it really looked as though it fitted the bill. Having played it for a week or so now I can confirm that it oozes quality and is a sturdy, well-made and very adaptable modulation effect. Having reverb, vibrato, LFO with different waveforms, envelope control and pitch-shifts with the addtion of an expression pedal add so much potential for lovely dreamy, spacy textures. There's also the option to go crazy with the Chaos mode and have portamento pitch shifts with massive modulation to create huge wobbly alien sounds. The Order mode is a very versatile chorus effect with a LOT of depth and tweakability including wetting out completely to a vibrato but also flangey-style sounds at the other end of the spectrum. There are numerous bonus features like LFO ramping and of course the Dual Switching System which can give your chorus a little nudge or tip the Logos through psychedelic wormholes into cosmic mayhem...

So, fantastic pedal and great service from Boost pedals. Communicative, prompt delivery, no issues - highly recommended, would use again.

The most versatile Silicone fuzz pedal

Highly recommend pedal that lets you tweak every aspect of the circuit. What sets this pedal apart for me is the tone knob which allows you to roll off the high end and get a usable tone with cleaner style amps (something I have not been able to find in another Silicone fuzz). It has a lot of options and definitely takes time to dial in but this means you can achieve anything from a classic Fuzz Face style tone to Fuzz Factory and more. Really no need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a Silicone fuzz.

FORMULA B Fuzz Rangers
Marcus Paine (Berwick-Upon-Tweed, GB)
A Superb Pedal supplied perfectly

I heard about this pedal on Instagram and contacted Jim at Boost Pedals immediately to find out about availability. Jim was quick to respond and advised that the next shipment was due in a week. He was also good enough to add me to the update list and to personally email me when they arrived so that I did not miss it. One day after they arrived to Boost from Italy I received mine from Boost. That is superb service. I cannot speak highly enough of them as the UK Agent.
The Pedal built by Marco in Italy....... phenomenal! For a start off it is two/three fantastic pedals in one unit so it is excellent value. The fuzz is the most usable Fuzz I have ever had.... it somehow manages to give crazy good fuzz at higher end whilst not muddying up the lower end and chords..... It also cleans up really exceptionally when you lay back off the volume. The Tone Ranger side of the pedal has that fabulous glassy SRV type tone but again is exceptionally versatile in allowing you to play perfect cleans, edge of break up or driven....this side is pretty much a pedal you can use as your main tone range. Its brilliant. And then you can switch both on for a superb driven fuzz or clean it up by lowering the volume.....finally you can reverse the fuzz into tone to the other way round which gives a more modern (to my ear) overdrive. All incredibly useful.
I am so glad I bought this pedal. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for these classic tones.

RAYGUN FX Dual Soda Drive+
Ritchie (Birmingham, GB)

Lovely cascading gain and wonderfully versatile/useful....slight background hiss though.

John Miller (Bournemouth, GB)
A quality pedal that is easy to use.

The pedal has an impressive quality feel with the controls and switches in particular having a very nice feel to them.
It is easy to use and very effective with the ambient oscillation function being a very nice touch as well.
I can't see this coming off my pedal board, its there to stay.
I will definitely be looking at buying more greenhouse effect pedals.

FORMULA B Vintage Vibe Mk2
John Campbell (Birmingham, GB)
Formula B vintage vibe MkII

Having purchased about a dozen Uni vibe effect pedals over the years, I feel that my search is over.
The Formula B vintage vibe is something special.
Apart from the very authentic sounds it can produce, it just invites you to recreate the legendary tones you have heard from Jimi, Tower, and Gilmour and seems to be an extension of your guitar rather than an addition.
It does inspire you to try and play in a way that incorporates it, hold on to notes or chords and let the vibe work it's magic.
It's hard not to get lost in the throbing swirly sounds it produces.
All this and a second footswitch to access a different pre set speed.

I forgot to mention the significant volume boost that this pedal has, well capable of driving your amp or od type pedals that come after it in the signal chain.
Priced reasonably, considering you won't be searching for your perfect vibe any longer.

Ivan Stulajter (Bratislava, SK)

Great vintage fuzz

Steve ashmore (Dulwich, GB)
So much more than a chorus

I’ve never been a great fan of chorus pedals, the 1980s put me off. I am, however, very interested in using my guitar to make as many different sounds, textures and moods as possible. I have a huge pedalboard for that reason, but chorus was never a part of it. Phaser? Yes. Chorus? Nope.

Enter Logos. It was the vast array of settings that drew me in, and a couple of demos that proved that chorus in the traditional sense was not really what this pedal’s about. It’ll do chorus, for sure, and a few distinct and interesting versions at that, but the really interesting noises veer far from the ‘light swoosh’.

The 3-way mode switch in the middle of the pedal takes it from Order through Chaos to Logos, with arguably the most fun sounds to be found among the Chaos. Rhythmic feeding-back triangle or square wave sirens hide in these depths, choppy waters that threaten to sink your song and pop the sonic armbands that have kept your playing afloat. After a few weeks’ intense trialling I’ve begun to be able to predict roughly what might happen at the turn of a knob, and I’m even sometimes correct.

‘Order’ is the more traditional and pretty set of settings for chorus. Here are the bass settings for anyone doing covers of songs by The Cure or Fields of the Nephilim (yes, it’s great on bass, especially goth bass!). Even though this is the tame end of the pedal there’s plenty of weird on tap.

‘Logos’ is a fabulous group of settings, adding pitch shifted modulations and a vast reverb for some super-shimmery soundscape action.

The footswitch itself needs a paragraph of its own. It’s nice and soft and non-clunky, which is lovely, but it has an extra feature called DSS. This enables you to max out the ‘depth’ setting by holding the switch down for longer than the usual on/off type of click. This can take you from a regular chorus to a wild-west rodeo ride type of effect, a real motion-sickness button. Lots and lots of fun.

I haven’t used it with an expression pedal yet; it’s something I’ve never bothered with but I’m beginning to see the point. With a pedal like Logos there’s an awful lot of expression available.