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    Professional Tremolo With Standalone Boost


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    About the SIGNAL CHEYNE UVM Tremolo

    The Signal Cheyne UVM is a compact amp-like sine wave tremolo pedal with a standalone boost function and separate speed and depth toggles to adjust the range of the associated Speed and Depth knobs.

    UVM Controls

     Speed Adjusts the speed of the tremolo effect. Use the speed toggle to change the range of the Speed knob from half-speed to double-speed.

    Depth Adjusts the amplitude of the tremolo effect. Clockwise for deeper plunges in volume and anti-clockwise for a more subtle effect. Use the depth toggle to adjust the range of the depth control, with higher peaks and lower troughs in the Hard setting.

    Boost Tremolo pedals are volume modulators which can, on high depth settings or very fast speeds, deceive your ears. You hear an overall volume loss during the peaks and troughs, so post-modulation amplification is required to make up for the loss. The UVM boost circuit is very clean and doesn't colour your signal. All the way anti-clockwise is unity gain, and the volume increases as you turn the knob clockwise.

    The UVM can also be used as a standalone boost with the Depth knob all the way down and the depth toggle set to Soft. It's a full-range boost with no colouration of your tone. 

    UVM Demo




    UVM Features

    • Tremolo with standalone boost function
    • Soft/Hard modes
    • Half Double speeds
    • LED flashes to the set tempo even when the pedal is off
    • Speed, Depth, Boost, Soft/Hard & Half/Double controls
    • Handbuilt in France
    • Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.6 x 5.7cm
    • Power: 9V DC centre-negative (not included)
    • Current Draw: 10mA

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