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    DRUNK BEAVER Lighthouse

    Tape-Style Delay with Switchable Echoplex Preamp Voicing


    About the DRUNK BEAVER Lighthouse

    The Drunk Beaver Lighthouse is a tape-style digital delay offering up to 700ms of delay time, a switchable Echoplex-voiced preamp, and modulation section with controllable LFO shaping.

    Lighthouse Controls

    The Lighthouse has 7 controls plus a Preamp toggle switch:

    • Time Adjust the delay time from around 40ms to 700ms
    • Feedback The amount of signal passed back to the delay line, going from slapback to self-oscillation
    • Mix Controls the balance between wet and dry signals
    • Depth Controls modulation depth
    • Rate Adjust modulation speed
    • Shape LFO symmetry control
    • Wave Adjust LFO from triangular wave to sine wave
    • Preamp Toggle Enables Echoplex EP-3-style preamp for added sparkle

    There's also an internal trim-pot to adjust the brightness of the LED (which flashes to show the modulation speed).

    Lighthouse Demo

    Lighthouse Features

    • Tape-style delay with max delay time up to 700ms
    • Switchable Echoplex EP-3-voiced preamp
    • Modulation controls
    • Handmade in Poland
    • LED brightness trimmer: PCB trimmer allows you to adjust the LED brightness
    • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Dean F. (Preston, GB)
    Fantastic delay.

    Great, natural sounding tape style echo. Superb control over modulation means everything from mild to wild is possible. Mix control is great for keeping everything under control or not as the case may be. Preamp adds some nice high end sparkle to the repeats. The self oscillation is the smoothest I've ever heard. Build, fit & finish is as good as anyone. This one's a keeper & definitely a builder to keep an eye on. Excellent service as always from Jim at Boost. Recommended.