STOMPNORTH Clipshear Getter Drive

Bringing Valve Power to Your Pedalboard!

Stompnorth's flagship pedal combines MOSFET transistor, valve, and silicon and germanium diodes to achieve a multitude of low to mid-gain tones.

Stompnorth founder Duncan MacKinnon designed the Clipshear Getter Drive to be an integral part of your rig, an "always on" pedal that enhances your core tone. It provides up to 21dB of boost that can push the input of your valve amp, with an addictive and characterful analogue character courtesy of the MOSFET.


The Gain control adjusts the amount of gain the MOSFET produces, which is then fed into the pre-amplification circuit of the valve. You can achieve deliciously organic overdrive - MOSFETs are known for their amp-like qualities - in combination with the Volume control.

The Valve control adds gain to the valve signal path, which produces an amazingly responsive and warm character ranging from subtle boost to sweet overdrive and flat-out saturation. Used in tandem with the Gain control, you can achieve tons of sustain and a thick overdrive sound.

The Si/Ge/Off toggle switch gives you two different flavours of diode clipping. The Silicon setting adds an aggressive, precise punch with plenty of sizzle, while the Germanium diode is quieter, much more spongy, and can achieve tons of saturation.

There's enough headroom in the Clipshear Getter Drive to experiment with rolling back your guitar's volume to further expand the range of available textures.

The Stompnorth Clipshear Getter Drive is handmade in Scotland from the highest quality components. It's the perfect pedal if you're after superb translation of your core tone for low to mid-gain purposes.


  • Valve drive with silicon and germanium diode clipping
  • Up to 21dB of gain
  • Highest quality components, including Jupiter capacitor
  • Gain, Volume, Valve, Si/Ge/Off controls
  • Handmade in Scotland
  • Power: 9V power adaptor (min 100mA), centre-negative (not included)

Customer Reviews

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Alan King (Glasgow, GB)
Dynamite 🧨

Nice n warm sounding peddle
Wae the value lovin it Jim thanks again