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If you're looking for a list of boutique pedal companies in the UK, you've come to the right place! This is a completely un-biased list... although we are a retailer of some of these UK builders, including Fredric Effects, Raygun FX, Stompnorth and Zander Circuitry.

But we've made a concerted effort to list as many UK pedal builders as we can to make this a truly useful resource for everyone. Have we missed any out? Let us know!

Guitar Pedals: A Golden Age

From super-high end build quality to forward-looking circuit topologies and eye-popping artwork, we’ve never had it so good. The British boutique pedal scene is currently enjoying a golden age, with seemingly endless releases of exciting and sought after pedals from established as well as brand new boutique pedal companies.

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What Are The Origins Of Boutique Guitar Pedals In The UK?

The UK has been at the forefront of guitar effects pedal design since the 1960s, when pioneers including Roger Mayer created some of the first guitar pedals. Many of the earliest pedals were fuzz pedals, a primitive form of distortion. It was not long until fuzz was all over the airwaves, changing the course of musical history forever.

Mayer made his name as Jimi Hendrix's effects wizard, modding existing pedals and creating new designs such as the Octavia which went on to define Jimi's legendary sound.

Of course, the UK's influence didn't finish at the end of the 1960s, and other builders have built rock-solid reputations, perhaps none more so than Pete Cornish, who took on Mayer's mantle as pedal guru to the stars in the 1970s. 

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Fast-forward several decades and many boutique pedal builders today are still captivated by heritage circuits from the early days of the effects pedal, sourcing rare NOS components to replicate the originals as closely as possible. Others, meanwhile, prefer to focus on modern designs and new sounds.

Below you'll find a map of boutique pedal builders in the UK. The plan is to make it as comprehensive as possible, so we update it whenever we come across a new pedal builder.

Whether you're into vintage-correct Tone Benders or multi-clipping modern distortion, it's fair to say that UK guitar pedal builders have you covered!

Boutique Pedal Builders UK: The Map

Boutique Pedal Builders UK: The List

4114 Custom Effects
Audio Kitchen
Bad Penny FX
BG Harding
Bluewhale Pedals
Boo Instruments
British Pedal Company
Butterfly Effect Pedals
Buzz Electronics
Castledine Electronics
Cog Effects
Cooltone Pedals
Cornell Amps
Design Retro Works
Dickinson Amplification
Emmergy Effects
Expresso FX
Flattley Guitar Pedals
Forest Effects
Fredric Effects
Ghost Effects
Gojira FX
Green Carrot Pedal Company
Hamstead Soundworks
Heaby Pedals
Horrothia FX
Hubcap John
Hudson Electronics
Life Is Unfair Audio
Lottie Canto
Made By Mike
Magnetic Effects
North Effects
NRG Effects
Origin Effects
Owen Electronics
Pete Cornish
Pigdog Pedals
Pigeon FX
Rainger FX
Raygun FX
Reactor Pedals
Redbeard Effects
Ritual Devices
Roger Mayer
Rothwell Audio
Sleeping Dog FX
Snake Oil Fine Instruments
Sola Sound
SoundLad Liverpool
Stompkins Pedals
Stone Deaf FX
Tate FX
The Fuzz Shack
Thorpy FX
Time Travel Audio
Vein Tap
Wee Lush FX
Williams Audio
Zander Circuitry

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