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    BAD PENNY FX Fuzz Controller V2

    Built To Order...


    About the BAD PENNY FX Fuzz Controller V2

    The Bad Penny FX Fuzz Controller V2 is a high gain silicon fuzz with power filtering and independent boost circuits, each of which can be adjusted via internal trim-pots.

    It's a brilliant fuzz, utilising vintage Philips, K40Y-9 Russian military-grade, and Sprague Vitamin Q paper-in-oil capacitors, all connected with vintage-style cloth wiring and housed in a beautiful English ash and aluminium chassis.


    Use the Starve switch to limit the power running into the Fuzz Controller, emulating a dying 9V battery for seriously organic, squashy tones.


    The Diode switch allows you to switch between LED clipping and 1N4148 silicon diode clipping. When turned off, there's less gain but more volume, enabling an overdrive-type response.

    Bass Cut

    The Bass Cut switch shelves some of the lower frequencies while simultaneously boosting the signal for an aggressive sound.

    Treble Cut

    The Treble Cut switch compresses the high end and lops off the highest frequencies. 

    The Bad Penny FX Fuzz Controller V2 is clean and loud if you want it to be, but set it right and it gets down and dirty too!

    Please note: The Bad Penny FX Fuzz Controller V2 is built to order. Please allow around 7 days build time plus shipping time.


    • High-gain silicon fuzz with vintage components
    • English ash hardwood and aluminium enclosure
    • True bypass
    • Handmade in East-Sussex, UK
    • Gain, Master, Starve, Diode, Bass & Treble controls
    • Power: 9V power supply, centre-negative (not included)



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