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Tape-Style Delay with Echoplex-Voiced Preamp

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The Drunk Beaver Lighthouse is a tape-style digital delay offering up to 700ms of delay time, a switchable Echoplex-voiced preamp, and modulation section with controllable LFO shaping.

Lighthouse Controls

The Lighthouse has 7 controls plus a Preamp toggle switch:

  • Time Adjust the delay time from around 40ms to 700ms
  • Feedback The amount of signal passed back to the delay line, going from slapback to self-oscillation
  • Mix Controls the balance between wet and dry signals
  • Depth Controls modulation depth
  • Rate Adjust modulation speed
  • Shape LFO symmetry control
  • Wave Adjust LFO from triangular wave to sine wave
  • Preamp Toggle Enables Echoplex EP-3-style preamp for added sparkle

There's also an internal trim-pot to adjust the brightness of the LED (which flashes to show the modulation speed).

Lighthouse Demo

Lighthouse Features

  • Tape-style delay with max delay time up to 700ms
  • Switchable Echoplex EP-3-voiced preamp
  • Modulation controls
  • Handmade in Poland
  • LED brightness trimmer: PCB trimmer allows you to adjust the LED brightness
  • Power: 9V centre-negative (not included)

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